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Infrastructure Locations that Serve Children Aged 0-12

Dataset description


Listing of infrastructure locations in Waterloo Region at a neighbourhood level that are known to provide programs/services to children birth to age 12 on an ongoing basis. In addition to all elementary schools and licensed early learning and child care centres, the locations had to meet the following criteria to be included: 

  • Be a physical location (i.e., there is an address to map)
  • Be within the geographic boundary of Waterloo region
  • Be known to house services / support which contribute to the well-being of children pre-birth to age 12 
  • Be a stable, multipurpose space 
  • Offer non-targeted, multiple supports to families 
  • Be connected to a network of services
  • Be operational on the date that the data is retrieved
  • Be neighbourhood based 

Data contact


Alison Pearson
Social Planning Associate

Data currency


The data is updated on an ongoing basis and is current as of February 2012.


Data accuracy


Information has been gathered by the Region of Waterloo GIS Group as well as the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo. It is accurate to the best of our knowledge as of February 2012.




Infrastructure Name - name of site
Infrastructure Type - category of site
Neigh No. - neighbourhood number the site is situated in
Neighbourhood - name of corresponding neighbourhood

Service Category


Child Care


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