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Council Info - February 22, 2017

Council Info is a summary of discussion and the major items presented at Council meetings. It is circulated immediately following each meeting. You are encouraged to quote from and copy this information. Please refer to the minutes for an official record of the meeting.

Journey together funding to support indigenous programs

Council approved $50,000 in provincial funding for the Journey Together early years initiative. This program aims to improve access to culturally relevant, indigenous-led early years programs and services, including child care and family programs. The Region will use this funding to support indigenous organizations to work together to develop a joint proposal to expand access to culturally relevant child care and child and family programs. 

Waterloo Region Housing will address aging units

The Region of Waterloo is the largest provider of affordable housing locally. A Master Plan is being developed for Waterloo Region Housing to address current and future issues, including aging units and infrastructure. A steering committee (that will include four Regional Councillors) and a consultant team will work to engage key housing stakeholders and develop the Master Plan with recommendations for Council approval. The process is expected to wrap up in the spring of 2018.

Region will install water saving devices during home water efficiency audits

Building on the Water Conservation By-law and rain barrel distributions, the Water Efficient Technology (WET) Program provided over 300 household water audits at no charge, in 2016. The majority of the audits resulted in reduced water consumption for the homeowner. To continue helping homeowners to save water, Region auditors will now offer free installation of water saving devices such as tap aerators, showerheads and toilet flapper valves.

Public art selected for ION stops

Council has approved public artworks to add interest, character and colour along the ION light rail transit corridor. The first seven artworks will be created and installed so they are ready for the opening of ION in 2018. The three additional artworks will be created and incorporated based on the timing of the specific projects they are a part of. The artworks include:

  • Continuum by Catherine Paleczny;
  • Network by Ken Hall;
  • Spinal Column by Sandra Dunn;
  • Because Cats Can't Fly by Veronica and Edwin Dam de Nogales;
  • Tall Tales of Mill Street by Terry O'Neill and Tara Cooper;
  • Three Sisters by Katharine Harvey and Lindsey Lickers;
  • Shaping Residency by Stephen Cruise;
  • The Passenger by Brandon Vickerd;
  • Arras by Lauren Judge and Elana Chand; and
  • Fabric of Place by Lilly Otasevic.

These artworks were selected with the help of extensive community involvement. The final round of public input saw over 2,070 comments in three weeks on the 15 proposed artworks.


The following tenders/contracts were approved by Council:

  • $3,522,844 to Varcon Construction Corporation for clarifier upgrades to the Hespeler Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • $1,800,000 to Bayshore Healthcare Ltd., Closing the Gap Healthcare Group Ltd., and We Care Health Services for Homemaking Services  for a three year period.
  • $485,772 ($465,722 plus a contingency amount of $20,000) to Daytech Limited for Transit Shelters.


The Region of Waterloo is continuing public consultation on Stage 2 ION, light rail transit (LRT) from Kitchener to Cambridge. Three upcoming Public Consultation Centre's (PCCs) offer an opportunity for residents to provide feedback on the preliminary preferred route.

  • February 23, 2017 4-8 p.m. Lions Arena 20 Rittenhouse Road, Kitchener
  • February 28, 2017 4-8 p.m. Kin Club of Cambridge, 1400 Hamilton Street, Cambridge
  • March 1, 2017, 2-8 p.m. Newfoundland Club 1500 Dunbar Road, Cambridge

For more information, contact:

Bryan Stortz, Director, Corporate Communications, 519-575-4408

Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4420

Council Info is also online.


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Wednesday, March 22, 2017