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From the April 9, 2014 Regional Council meeting:

Council Info is a summary of discussion and the major items presented at Council meetings. It is circulated immediately following each meeting. You are encouraged to quote from and copy this information. Please refer to the minutes for an official record of the meeting. Watch the Regional Council webcast.

Making way for the King-Victoria Multi-modal Transit Hub
Regional Council voted to begin the process to transfer part of Waterloo Street in Kitchener to the Region in order to accommodate the construction of the King Street grade separation and the Transit Hub. It will be necessary to close vehicle access to Waterloo Street as early as fall 2015, however it will remain a primary access point for pedestrians and cyclists. Once completed, the King-Victoria Multi-modal Transit Hub will serve as the focal point of Waterloo Regions higher order transit services, a result of the development of ION, and the extension of GO Transit rail service to the Region.

Year end 2013 Population data
Regional Council received a report on the population and household estimates for the year ending 2013. The year-end population for Waterloo Region is 563,000 including, university and college students temporarily residing in the Region. The data from the report will be made available to the public.

Council approves environmental servicing plan for Cambridge West
Regional Council approved the Final Draft of the Cambridge West Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP). This plan is a comprehensive study of lands in the Devils Creek, Cruickston Creek, and Newman Creek watersheds on the western edge of Cambridge which are about to undergo urban development. Highlights of the plan include protection of local groundwater resources, generous buffering of local wetlands known to contain an array of wildlife and waterfowl, and the identification of the new Cruickston Creek Headwaters Environmentally Sensitive Policy Area (ESPA). The MESP is the first step in the planning the Citys infrastructure to service the area including the potential straightening of Blenheim Road where it crosses the CPR tracks. . 

East Side Lands (Stage 1) Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP) approved
Council approved the East Side Lands (Stage 1) MESP which provides a framework to guide the development lands located north of Highway 401 in the City of Cambridge near the Region of Waterloo International Airport. The MESP provides recommendations related to transportation, water and wastewater infrastructure in order to advance the development of approximately 300 net hectares of land to address the current shortage of large lots for existing and current business investment. A Notice of Completion will be published and the project documentation will be available for review in the near future.

Homelessness funding approved
Council approved funding to a number of agencies under the Homelessness Partnering Strategy Community Plan. Agencies include Lutherwood, K-W Working Centre, K-W YWCA, Cambridge Shelter Corporation, and K-W Urban Native Wigwam Project. Funding will help reduce homelessness, improve the self-sufficiency of homeless individuals and families, ensure coordination of community resources and services, and improve data collection and use.

Community CarShare Extension
Council approved a line of credit extension to Community Carshare for five more years. Extending the current financing will help support the continued growth of Community CarShare in Waterloo Region. Car sharing is an alternative to the privately-owned vehicle, which supports our goal of developing greater, more sustainable and affordable safe transportation choices. The borrowing limit is set at $50,000.

Region to continue hosting Immigration partnership
The Region of Waterloo will continue to host the Immigration Partnership until March 2016. The Partnership is responsible for developing and supporting the implementation of strategies that help immigrants and refugees settle and integrate into the local community. The federal and provincial governments along with United Way fund the Partnership while the Region provides work space for staff and oversees legal and financial matters.

Housing Action Plan and 10-Year Housing and Homelessness Plan Guide endorsed
Council endorsed both the Housing Action Plan and the 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan Guide. The Housing Action Plan assesses current and future housing needs for households with low to moderate incomes in Waterloo Region. It also includes actions and targets relating to housing needs and proposed measures to meet those targets. The 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan Guide combines the Housing Action Plan with the previous Council-approved Homelessness to Housing Stability Strategy, and will be sent to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing as part of new legislative requirements for Service Managers of homelessness and housing. 

Water Supply Fountain Street and Maple Grove Area
Council approved the Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Water Supply for the Fountain Street and Maple Grove Area. The Regions Water Supply

Master Plan, IUS project identified Fountain Street and Maple Grove as one area to develop new water supplies and restore existing infrastructure. Accordingly, the Region

completed a Schedule C Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to define the preferred alternative of the water supply system which includes:

  • Rehabilitation of existing Region well P16
  • Construction of a new well at the Regions Maple Grove property
  • Construction of a water treatment plant at the Regions Maple Grove property to disinfect and to remove iron and manganese.

Adjacent property owners and government agencies were consulted and four public open houses were held. Implementation of the recommendations is anticipated within 10 years. The Class EA will be available for public review in accordance with Municipal Class EA requirements.

Reconstruction of St. Andrews Street and Cedar Street in Cambridge
The Region of Waterloo plans to reconstruct St. Andrews Street and Cedar Street in the City of Cambridge in 2016/2017. The reconstruction limits on St. Andrews Street are
from Grand Avenue southerly 2.8 km to the Cambridge municipal boundary. The limits on Cedar Street are from Osborne Street westerly 1.2 km to the Cambridge municipal boundary. Planned improvements include full reconstruction of the existing roads; road widening to accommodate on-road cycling lanes; new sidewalk or multi-use trail where no sidewalk exists today; new turning lanes at a number of intersections; and new pedestrian refuge islands at select locations. Construction will start in 2016 with completion in 2017. The total estimated cost of the Regional portion of the project is $8,130,000.

The following tenders/contracts were approved by Council:

  • $2,089,260.34 to CDW Canada for Microsoft Enterprise Licensing for a three year term commencing April 1, 2014, with an option of to extend the agreement for a further three years.
  • 1,359,498.00 to Achieva Health as the Physiotherapy Service Provider at Sunnyside Home for a five year period with the option to renew for two additional one year periods.
  • $957,606.07 to John Meunier Inc. for the supply of perforated screens for the Kitchener Wastewater Treatment Plant in the City of Kitchener.
  • $452,762.75 to John Meunier Inc. for the supply of a grit removal system for the Kitchener Wastewater Treatment Plant in the City of Kitchener
  • $514,896 to XCG Consultants Limited to provide consulting engineering services for undertaking the William Street and Strange Street Water Supply Systems Class Environmental Assessment and Preliminary Design.
  • $171,350 to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Waterloo for a study at the Mannheim Water Treatment Plan and Hidden Valley Lift Reservoir.

 Next Council Meeting:

May 7, 2014
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