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From the June 25, 2014 Regional Council meeting:

Council Info is a summary of discussion and the major items presented at Council meetings. It is circulated immediately following each meeting. You are encouraged to quote from and copy this information. Please refer to the minutes for an official record of the meeting. Watch the Regional Council webcast.

Council approves construction contract for ION adapted Bus Rapid Transit
Construction of the ION adapted Bus Rapid Transit (aBRT) service will get underway shortly after Regional Council approved the $5.7 million tender with Steed and Evans Ltd. on Wednesday. The contract includes roadway improvements and the construction of three northbound and three southbound ION aBRT stops along Hespeler Road (Pinebush/Eagle, Can-Amera and the Delta). The contract also includes work at the Ainslie Street Transit Terminal. Construction will begin in mid-to-late July and will be completed by December. Most of the work will take place in the traffic lane immediately next to the sidewalk. Two-way traffic on Hespeler will be maintained at all times with work in the areas next to the ION aBRT stops. ION aBRT will link the Ainslie Street Transit Terminal in Cambridge with the Fairview Park Mall Transit Terminal in Kitchener. ION aBRT is the first step towards bringing Light Rail Transit (LRT) to Cambridge as the Region looks to turn the aBRT route into LRT once ridership along the corridor improves.

Regional Council provides direction on Airport Master Plan
Regional Council endorsed the recommendations for the preparation of a draft Master Plan for the Region of Waterloo International Airport. The plan will maximize the existing capacity of the Airport; include a strategy for the continuing pursuit of additional passenger air service opportunities; incorporate a strategy for the attraction of additional businesses that may establish aeronautics or aviation-related businesses; and coordinate resources and strategies required for new air service development and new business attraction at the Airport with the Region’s broader economic development initiatives. The draft Master Plan will be completed in early 2015.

Council undertakes Regional Service Review
Regional Council decided to undertake a service review of its programs. A request for proposals will be issued to engage a consultant to undertake the review, including documentation of all services provided by the Region, identification of those services that are beyond the Region’s mandate, identification the division of responsibilities between the Region and Area Municipalities, and identify services which have the greatest potential for cost savings through service level or delivery model changes. It is anticipated that the Service Review will commence this fall with the final report available in mid-2015.

Council Approves Corporate Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan
Since 2005, the Region has saved an estimated $6.5 million in energy costs by implementing energy management projects. Building on this success, Regional Council has approved the Corporate Energy Plan which will outline strategies that the Region will use to effectively manage energy usage and deliver cost savings and cost avoidance. The plan will be posted to the Region’s website.

GO Train Service to Cambridge
Council has endorsed a joint action plan with the City of Cambridge to encourage the Province to evaluate GO train service from Milton to Cambridge as quickly as possible. The interim Cambridge to Milton Passenger Rail Business Case and Implementation Strategy report notes that a viable service between Cambridge and Union Station could be provided by conventional 12-car GO trains and/or alternatives involving Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) from Cambridge. The study identifies DMUs as the most promising rail service option, offering a number of potential advantages over conventional 12-car GO trains. The approved draft study will form the basis of further discussions with municipalities along the corridor, Metrolinx, MPs, MPPs and the Ministry of Transportation.

Tax Increment Grant for Brownfield site in Kitchener
Council has approved a Regional Tax Increment Grant (TIG) under the joint Regional and Area Municipal program for up to $4,779,103 to Novacore Communities Corporation to support the remediation and redevelopment of 83 Elmsdale Drive in Kitchener. The redevelopment will include residential apartment units, retirement specific units and mixed use commercial and office space. The proposed TIG is conditional on the applicant assuming ownership of the property from the City of Kitchener and the City of Kitchener approving its share of the Tax Increment Grant.

Region approves 2014 Community Grants 
The following are the grants approved to community organizations
• $2,500 to Waterloo 4-H Association
• $16,396 to the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre
• $40,000 to Leadership Waterloo Region
• $23,717 to the Canadian Mental Health Association
• $2,733 to the Central Ontario Developmental Riding Program
• $9,156 to the Child Witness Centre of Waterloo Region
• $20,046 to Community Justice Initiatives
• $24,047 to the Food Bank of Waterloo Region
• $11,306 to Kaljas Homes
• Independent Living Centre -
($4,162 to Community Support Services and $9,291 to Kids on the Block program)
• $80,119 to the Social Planning Council – Community Information Centre
• $4.692 Telecare Cambridge
• $27,591 Volunteer Action Centre of K-W & Area Inc.
• $5,000 Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program Inc.
• $15,122 to Wilmot Family Resource Centre, Inc.
• $15,122 to Woolwich Community Services.
• $5,000 to the Kitchener Blues Festival
• $2,000 to the Grand Valley Woodcarvers

Donation will support tree planting in Goderich
Council approved a $1,000 donation to the Town of Goderich for its tree planting program. The donation, which will be funded from the 2014 Emergency Services Conference, will help purchase trees for the Town of Goderich after the August 2011 tornado.

Supportive Housing Program Framework approved
Council approved in principle the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) Supportive Housing Program Framework. The Framework provides a high level description of the redesigned CHPI Supportive Housing Program. This Program Framework will help inform the prequalification and request for proposals process for providers wishing to participate in the redesigned program effective April 2016.

Agreements for extended school day programs
Council approved changes to service agreements with Public and Catholic school boards, as well as several licensed Child Care operators, to incorporate all school sites offering extended day programs beginning September 2014. Before and after school programs for children aged 4 – 12 will be offered in most local schools. The Region has contracts with the Waterloo Region District School Board and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board to ensure subsidy eligible families have timely access to extended day programs.

Affordable housing tools Regional Council will request all of the Area Municipalities to consider using density bonusing and other tools and incentives to increase the variety and supply of affordable housing across the community, in particular within the ION station areas, Community Core areas and along major transit corridors. The Community Housing waitlist remains above 3,000 households and wait times continue to increase as Waterloo Region grows rapidly. The provision of a full range of housing, including affordable housing, is a key component to creating complete communities and a thriving economy.

The following tenders/contracts were approved by Council:
• $11,809,291.00 to Scheidt & Bachmann Canada for the Electronic Fare Management System.
• $993,001.00 to Bell Mobility Inc. for CT2014-04 Wireless Devices for a four year term with two optional two year periods.
• $5,787,691.72 to Steed and Evans Limited for the Adapted Bus Rapid Transit (aBRT) Central Transit corridor Improvements in Cambridge.
• $3,719,284.26 to Aqua-Aerobics Systems Inc. for the supply of tertiary disk filters at the Kitchener Wastewater Treatment Plant
• $2,817,397.41 to MMM Group Limited to provide consulting engineering services for detailed design and services during construction of the River Road extension, King St. to Manitou Dr.
• $1,625,656.42 to Ovivo USA, LLC for the supply of secondary clarifier mechanisms.
• $616,381.11 to Greatario Industrial Storage Systems Ltd. for the supply of primary clarifier covers for the Preston Wastewater Treatment Plant in Cambridge.
• $603,110.74 to Overland Custom Coach (2007) Inc. for the supply of six wheelchair accessible buses.
• $428,838.77 to Stantec Consulting Ltd., to provide engineering services during the detailed design and services during construction for the Foxboro Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades in the Township of Wilmot.
• $421,490.00 to H2Flow Equipment Inc. for the Supply of biotrickling filters for the Preston Wastewater Treatment Plant, in Cambridge.
• $402,406.92 to Clean-up for janitorial services at Regionally operated Children’s Centres for a three year period starting September 1, 2014 with the option to renew for two additional one year periods.
• $250,000 Matrix Solutions Inc. to provide consulting geosciences services to update well head protection areas and provide technical support.
• $200,483.19 to MTE Consultants for Designated Substance Surveys for Waterloo Region Housing Properties.
• $133,910.40 to LVM Inc. to provide geotechnical consulting services for planned roadway improvements and roundabout construction on Franklin Boulevard in Cambridge.
• $113,080 to MTE Consultants for engineering services for the Notre Dame Dr. and Snyder’s Rd. Reconstruction in Petersburg.
• $62.77 per hour to Hendry Coach Lines for the Transportation Feeder Service (busPLUS) for a period of five years with two one year renewal options.


Next Council Meeting:
August 20, 2014

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