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Council Info

From the April 1 2015 Regional Council meeting:

Council Info is a summary of discussion and the major items presented at Council meetings. It is circulated immediately following each meeting. You are encouraged to quote from and copy this information. Please refer to the minutes for an official record of the meeting. Watch the Regional Council webcast

Region partners with agencies on homelessness

Council approved recommendations from the Community Advisory Board to enter agreements with the following agencies, subject to receipt of Federal Government Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) funding: Cambridge Shelter Corporation; Kitchener-Waterloo Young Women's Christian Association; K-W Urban Native Wigwam Project and the K-W Working Centre for the Unemployed. The Homelessness Partnering Strategy Program will provide a total of $2,209,025 in funding from April 1, 2014 - March 31, 2019.

Bill 31 needed to recover millions in uncollected fines

Council agreed to request the Province act quickly to pass Bill 31, the Transportation Statute Law Amendment Act (Making Ontario's Roads Safer). This would require defaulted fines issued under the Provincial Offences Act be paid prior to the renewal of vehicle license plates. There are currently $39.25 million in unpaid fines owed to the Region of Waterloo. Most of the outstanding fines are related to Highway Traffic Act offenses and Automobile Insurance Act offenses. Defaulted fines currently grow at a rate of about $2 million per year.

Expanded capacity for Elmira child care centre

Council approved the construction of an expanded shared community space as part of the redevelopment of the Elmira Children's Centre. The project is underway in partnership with Waterloo Region District School Board. The new facility, slated for completion by September 2016, will be part of the newly built Riverside Public School. The child care centre operated by the Region of Waterloo will have an increased enrollment to accommodate younger age populations. The shared community space on the second level will be available to community partners to provide services in a Child and Family Centre concept.

Bill 73 - Smart Growth for Our Communities

The Region will request that the Province of Ontario amend Bill 73 - Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015 to allow for the immediate use of a forward looking service level standard for Rapid Transit projects and to pass the amended Bill at the earliest possible opportunity. The changes to the DCA proposed in Bill 73 are generally favourable to municipalities and meet some of the recommendations proposed by the Region. However, many issues including transit will be prescribed through regulation and there are concerns about the amount of time needed to pass such a regulation. Since 2010, the Region has been asking the Province to amend the DCA to allow for our Rapid Transit project to be eligible for DC funding - the same amendment that was approved by the Province in 2006 for the City of Toronto - York Region subway extension.

Water Efficient Restaurant Certification Pilot Program receives approval

With an estimated 2,800 food services facilities currently operating within Waterloo Region, consuming millions of gallons of water per year, there are many opportunities for restaurants to conserve water resources and energy by reducing leaks and wasteful employee behaviour, and by targeting inefficient equipment. Regional Council has approved the Water Efficient Restaurant Certification Pilot Program to encourage restaurant owners to do more to conserve water. This approach will certify restaurants that implement a variety of recommended water conservation measures. Certified restaurants would then be listed by the Region as water efficient and owners would be given promotional materials to display to customers.

Council approves support to advance completion of the Kissing Bridge Trailway

Regional Council will be collaborating with Regional Tourism Organization 4 Inc. (RTO4) to carry out studies required to complete development of the Kissing Bridge Trailway. The Region will allocate up to $40,000 from the Community Environmental Fund in order to attract matching dollars from RTO4. This will fund an engineering feasibility study on replacing the former railway bridges over the Grand and Conestoga Rivers on the Kissing Bridge Trailway. The Trailway, which is also part of the Trans Canada Trail, is owned by the Province and has been leased by the Region and County of Wellington since 1997 for development as a multi-use trail. Since then, the 44.5 kilometre right-of-way has been developed and managed by six community groups. The original bridges were removed after the former Canadian Pacific Railway line was abandoned in 1990. The Grand River bridge replacement has been identified as the largest trail infrastructure gap in the Trans Canada Trail in Southern Ontario. If replaced, it would result in a 27 kilometre off-road trail between Guelph and Wallenstein by way of Elmira. RTO4 is collaborating with other groups in Perth and Huron Counties to extend the trail all the way to Goderich.



The following tenders/contracts were approved by Council:

  • $4,087,210.00 to Steed and Evans Ltd. for improvements to Regional Road 15 (King St. N.) and Multi-use trail. The Region also approved an increase in projects costs of $783,225.06 to facilitate the work undertaken on behalf of the City of Waterloo and $491,025.01 to facilitate work undertaken on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.
  • $3,736,910.00 to Steed & Evans Ltd. for the reconstruction of Regional Road 6 (Highland Road) reconstruction, Patricia Ave. to Westmount Rd. in the City of Kitchener. The Region also approved an increase in project costs of $863,206.02 to facilitate the work undertaken on behalf of the City of Kitchener.
  • $1,638,571.00 to GIRO Inc. for a transit operating system replacement for Grand River Transit.
  • $593,950.60 to Gerrits Drilling & Engineering Limited for the construction and testing of municipal supply wells in the City of Kitchener and Township of Wilmot.
  • $198,654.00 to Parkway Ford for the supply of five, half ton commercial cargo vans.
  • $258,025.69 to the Social Planning Council of Cambridge and North Dumfries for the Management of the Community Information Database for three years with the option to extend for an additional 2 years.
  • $102,717.00 to Forestell Inc. which represents a revised estimated total of $171,195.oo for snowploughing and winter grounds maintenance in Cambridge and surrounding Regional properties.


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