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From the September 9, 2014 Regional Council meeting:

Council Info is a summary of discussion and the major items presented at Council meetings. It is circulated immediately following each meeting. You are encouraged to quote from and copy this information. Please refer to the minutes for an official record of the meeting. Watch the Regional Council webcast.

Council approves Waterloo Spur Line Trail
Council approved a financing arrangement that would see the construction of the Waterloo Spur Line Trail and associated storm water infrastructure in 2015. This trail will connect pedestrians and cyclists to the existing Kitchener GO Station and the future King-Victoria Transit Hub. Metrolinx, an agency of the Government of Ontario, has committed $1.2 million toward the project under its active transportation fund. The City of Waterloo has also committed to funding improvements to local storm water infrastructure. The Region will contribute the remaining $2 million required to construct the trail and install lighting and other safety features. The Cities of Kitchener and Waterloo are also being asked to be funding partners for the long-term maintenance of this important pedestrian and cyclist link.

Regional Road maintenance agreements
Council approved maintenance agreements with the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo for Regional Roads within their respective municipal limits, from January 2015 to December 2019. Maintenance will include snow plowing and salting, dead animal removal, street sweeping, surface maintenance, spring cleaning and right-of-way drainage. Grass cutting will be contracted out separately.

Region supports affordable housing project in Cambridge
Council endorsed a recommended affordable housing proposal as part of the Affordable Housing Strategy. The proposal, by Waterloo Regional Homes for Mental Health (WRHMH), will include three, two-bedroom units in a new condominium on Margaret Avenue in Cambridge. WRHMH has more than 200 individuals and families on their waiting list for affordable housing with supports. The Region will be allocating up to $360,000 in federal/provincial affordable housing funding to WRHMH.

Investment in Affordable Housing
The Region will participate in an extension of the Investment in Affordable Housing (IAH) for Ontario Program. This program is jointly funded by the provincial and federal governments that will provide another $800 million across the province for more affordable housing over six years (2014 - 2020). The Region's allocation for 2014 - 2015 is $2,547,400. The IAH Program gives the Region flexibility to address locally identified housing needs.

The following tenders/contracts were approved by Council:

.$7,341,134 (excluding taxes) to Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) for the continued management of the Region's wastewater treatment facilities for another five year period ending December 2020.
.$230,802.50 to Regal Windows and Doors Systems Inc. for window and door replacement at 416 Kingscourt Drive in Waterloo and 144 Forrest Avenue in New Hamburg.


Next Council Meeting:
September 17, 2014

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