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Council, Standing and Advisory Committee Attendance


Dataset description


Two separate spreadsheets.  The Council/Committee spreadsheet lists the attendance of each councillor for council and standing committees.

The advisory committee spreadsheet lists the attendance of all the members of those committees.

For both the spreadsheets attendance is marked with an 'x' if they were present and is left blank for absent.  Each tab indicates the specific committee. 

Data contact


Lee Ann Wetzel, Deputy Clerk
Council and Administrative Services

Data currency


The Friday following a Council Meeting.


Data accuracy


Data is accurate.



  • Committee
  • Notes
  • Date
  • Councillors/Members
  • Total Number of Meetings

Service Category


Regional Council


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Council_&_Standing_Committee_Attendance_August 26.xls

Advisory_&_Misc._Committee_Attendance_August 26.xls


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