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Diversity & Inclusiondiversity graphic

Why valuing diversity and improving inclusion matters?

To better serve the community. The Region is responsible for providing about 60 per cent of municipal government services in this community.  The Diversity & Inclusion strategy exists to ensure we take action so all residents can have access to Regional services and programs.  This will help improve service.

To have a more diverse workforce. To provide excellent programs and services to residents, we must attract and retain a skilled, talented and diverse workforce.  People are the best asset of the Region. A more diverse workforce better understands the needs of our community.  A workplace that recognizes difference and values contributions by all employees is more likely to attract, retain, support and engage talented and diverse employees.

What is diversity & inclusion?

Diversity: Diversity is the range of characteristics that make individuals unique.  These characteristics include but are not limited to: national origin, language, age, race, colour, family structure, disability, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic (income) status and gender identity.

Inclusion: Is appreciating and valuing human differences by creating a sense of belonging: where everyone feels respected and valued for their uniqueness.  In an inclusive environment each person is recognized and developed, their skills routinely used.  Inclusion means people are valued because of, not in spite of, their differences so everyone can fully participate and thrive.

layers of diversity diagram

Diversity & inclusion goals:

1. Communicate the value of diversity

2. Foster an inclusive workplace

3. Address barriers in our programs and services


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