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The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) gives individuals the right to ask for access to municipal government information.  The Act also protects the privacy of individual's personal information and gives them the right to request their own personal information that may exist in government records. 

This data set consists of all formal Freedom of Information requests made to the Region of Waterloo under MFIPPA.  Identifying information such as names and addresses have been removed from the data to protect personal identification.  A notification such as {name removed} has been used to indicate where information was removed.  

Data contact


Oriana Sharp, Manager, Information Management and Archives
Planning, Development & Legislative Services
Council and Administrative Services

Data currency


A data set representing the previous year's requests will be released annually. 


Data accuracy


Data extracted from the Freedom of Information Request Index maintained in a spreadsheet by Information Management and Archives. 



Request Number - Tracking number assigned to the Freedom of Information request by Information Management and Archives staff.

Request Type - Requests are defined as either for "General Information" or "Personal Information".  Requests for a "Correction" of Personal Information are also included. 

Source - Describes the type of requester e.g. public, business, media, individual by agent. 

Summary of Request - Describes the records requested.  Personal identifiers have been removed to protect privacy. 

Decision - Indicates whether the requested records were all disclosed, partly exempted, partly non-existent, no records exist or nothing disclosed.  Withdrawn is used to indicate when the request was formally discontinued or abandoned by the requester before the decision results were released. 

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Information Management


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