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Transit - GRT GTFS data


Dataset description


GRT Routes, Stops and Schedule in General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format. For more information on this specification and its use, follow this link.

Data contact


Blair Allen

Transporation and Environmental Services, Transit Services

Data currency


Maintained on an ongoing basis.

Updated with schedule changes, generally five times a year.  The "Daily" file is updated whenever there is a significant schedule or routing change.

Data accuracy


Stops were geolocated with handheld GPS units, and are accurate to within 3-5 metres. Routes were drawn by hand and may not snap precisely to a street network. Sometimes additional trips are added to the schedule to increase the passenger capacity of a line. These additional trips may not be included in the GTFS data until the next subsequent update.



The following text files are included:


Service Category



Website for further information 



By downloading these files you are agreeing to abide by the Region's Licence for Open Data. This file contains a merged feed of the current and upcoming schedule periods. It is posted approximately three weeks in advance of the upcoming period.  The file is not updated during that schedule period. This file contains only data for the upcoming schedule period.  It is posted approximately three weeks in advance of the schedule period and is not updated during that period. This file is posted at 00:30 a.m. on the day when any major schedule change is to occur.  A change can occur at the start of, or at any time during a schedule period.

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