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 The Grand River Transit Routes dataset contains all of the current bus routes within Waterloo Region currently in use by Grand River Transit (GRT).

Data contact


Blair Allen

Transportation and Environmental Services, Transit Services

Data currency


Maintained on an ongoing basis.
Updated with schedule changes, generally four times a year, but may be more if a significant change is made.

Data accuracy


Minor inaccuracies impacting line length may exist at locations where no road network data exists to provide a background for tracing a route's path, especially internal roads at malls and transit terminals. Minor inaccuracies may exist when slrn road network data is modified and routes layer is not adjusted.



The following information is included in this dataset:

ROUTE - Defines the route number displayed in public information and for scheduling purposes
LEG - Defines the direction of travel for part of a route
FULL_NAME - Defines the name of the route used for public information and scheduling purposes
DIRECTION - Defines the direction of travel for route relative to terminal control point
LENGTH - The length of the line in kilometres
CITY - Defines which lower-tier municipalities the route operates within

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GRT_Routes.shp, GRT_Routes.csv, GRT_Routes.kml

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