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The Cycling - Regional dataset represents all cycling facilities within Waterloo Region that are maintained by the Region of Waterloo. Facilities maintained by the Area Municipalities are not included. Both on and off road existing facilities are represented. For planned or proposed routes, please refer to the current Cycling Master Plan.

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Andrea Buckley

Transportation and Environmental Services

Data currency

June 2016

Data accuracy


These bikeways follow street centrelines so their placement in the street right of way is approximate.













The following fields are included in this dataset:

PathType - Type of cycling facility
Jurisdiction - Municipality responsible for maintaining facility
BuiltBy - Municipality responsible for building facility
FullStreetName - Name of the street the facility is built on
On_Off_Road - Is the facility on or off road?
WidthStandard - Classification of width based on type of facility
Width - Width of facility
Priority - Priority based on Cycling Master Plan (CMP2004)
YearConstructed - Year facility constructed (1900 = year of construction unknown)
Signage - Type of signs present
Grade - steepness of facility
Municipality - Municipality that the facility

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cycling.shp,  cycling.kml


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