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This dataset was created to consolidate the rural settlement areas defined in the official plans of the four townships into one dataset to facilitate GIS analysis for such projects as the water/wastewater report, land budget, land use modelling, and population forecasting. 

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Jeff Ham, GIS Manager
Information Technology Services, GIS Services

Data currency


September 2010


Data accuracy


The data is current as of the last consolidation of each Local Official Plan and incorporates all Official Plan Amendments approved since then that have had an impact on the settlement area boundaries. The dataset is for convenient, general reference and DOES NOT replace the original paper documents found in each Local Official Plan or Regional Official Polices Plan. To ensure accuracy, the original documents of approval should be consulted.



The following fields are included in this dataset:

Name - The name of the settlement area as defined in the local area Official Plan or Regional Official Plan
Type - The type of settlement area
Municipality - The name of the municipality the settlement is located within

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Official Plan


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settlements.shp, settlements.kml 

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