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Waste Collection Schedule Zones

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This dataset shows the boundaries of the garbage, blue bin, green bin, and yard waste collection schedule zones. Each zone has a pick up day assigned to it.  Frequency of pickup for each type of collection is also included.


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Susan White
Transportation & Environmental Services, Waste Collection & Diversion

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Updated annually 

Revised June 2013

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This dataset determines waste collection services for residents living in single and semi-detached homes in Waterloo Region. Collection information for apartment buildings, businesses, condominiums, and townhouse residents is not included. Township areas receiving weekly garbage and recycling collection receive bi-weekly yard waste collection.



The following fields are included in this dataset:

Day - day of collection
Garbage - frequency of garbage collection
Blue Bin - frequency of recycling collection
Green Bin - frequency of compost collection
Yard Waste - frequency of yard waste collection
Yard Waste Code - colour that corresponds with the Waste Management annual collection schedule

Service Category


Garbage Collection 

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