The Asset Management Plan is a long range planning document that is intended to improve the Region of Waterloo's ability to meet its corporate goals and objectives in a way that best serves its customers. It outlines the asset activities for each service area and provides a guide to understanding key items such as:

  • Alignment with the Region's strategic goals
  • The value and condition of Region's asset portfolio
  • Levels of service and performance measures
  • Management techniques to assist in making long term funding decisions
  • Lifecycle activities to operate, maintain, renew, develop and dispose of assets
  • Budget forecasts for growth and renewal to sustain the Region's asset portfolio

The AM Plan includes seven (7) service groups within the Region.

  • Transportation Services
  • Water Services
  • Waste Management
  • ROW International Airport
  • Transit Services - Grand River Transit (GRT)
  • Facilities Management
  • Fleet Management

The AM Plan is a living document that will continue to reflect the evolution of asset management practices within the Region over time. It is intended that continuous improvements to asset management practices within the Region, will result in updates to this AM Plan.  

Read the 2015 Asset Management Plan.