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By-law Enforcement

Taxi By-law Review

The Region of Waterloo has completed the Taxi By-law review.  The By-laws were passed on September 21, 2016.  

Below is a listing of the final By-laws (Fees and Charges and Taxi By-law), reports and minutes of the review process.  

Additional Items of Interest


Fees and Charges By-law

 September 21, 2016

Taxi By-law 2016

 September 21, 2016

Report PLD-CAS-16-15, Taxi By-law Review - Vehicle Identification

September 21, 2016

 Report PDL-CAS-16-13, Finalization of Outstanding Issues  and New By-law

 August 17, 2016

 Report PDL-CAS-15-09, Taxi By-law Review - Detailed  Regulations

 Minutes of the Meeting

 June 8, 2016

 Accessibility Service in the Region of Waterloo

 April 20, 2016

 Region of Waterloo Current Taxi-Cab Regulatory Regime,  Taxi  By-law Review

 Minutes of the Meeting

 April 20, 2016

 Data Analysis Report: Phase 2 Consultation

 April 20, 2016

 Report PDL-CAS-16-08, Taxi By-law Review: Phase II Key  Policy Questions 

 April 20, 2016

 Taxi By-law Review Phase II Discussion Guide

 Spring/Summer  2016

 Report PDL-CAS-16-05, Comprehensive Taxi By-law Review,  Phase 2

 March 2, 2016

 Report PDL-CAS-15-12/PDL-LEG-15-82, Taxi By-law  Review  Update

 December 8,  2015

 The Competition Bureau White Paper on the Taxi  Industry 

 November 26,  2015

 Data Analysis Report: Phase 1 Consultation 

 November 10,  2015

 Report PDL-CAS-15-08, Taxi By-law Review

 August 11, 2015

 Draft Taxi By-law

 As of July 1,  2015

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