Finance Department Divisions & Functions

The Finance Department provides financial, accounting, treasury and purchasing services to all departments and external agencies of the Region. In addition, it is responsible for policy recommendations on finance and related issues to the Chief Administrative Officer and Regional Council.

Service is delivered through the following divisions:

Financial Services 

The Financial Services function coordinates the preparation of the annual budgets/forecasts; water rates and sewage rates and Regional Development Charges. This function also is responsible for the Region's accounting activities and systems, the payment of the Region's financial obligations, preparation of year-end financial statements (2013 Financial Statements), subsidy claims and grant subsidy claims.

Treasury Services 

This area is responsible for the Region's corporate treasury functions which involve borrowing through long-term debt instruments, cash flow management, investments, banking, accounts receivable, budgeting, accounting and payroll.

Other areas of responsibility include development of property tax policy for all municipalities within the Region and Housing financial administration.

Moody's Investor Service Report

Procurement & Supply Services 

Procurement & Supply Services is the central source of procurement of all goods and services for the Region and its external agencies. It evaluates tenders and quotations. The Stores area maintains a central stores auction site and is responsible for the disposal of surplus goods and equipment.

BMA Municipal Study

The BMA Municipal Study is a reference document that provides comparative information for numerous municipalities in Ontario. The study includes standard municipal finance data and other demographic information. Please click to view the current study.