Jack Young Civic Award

The Jack Young Civic Award was established by Waterloo Regional Council to recognize the person in Waterloo Region who best exemplifies the high standards of political and civic life exhibited by Jack A. Young - the first Chairman of the Region of Waterloo - during his years of public service.  It is a uniquely Region of Waterloo award that celebrates and recognizes the contributions of people directly connected to Regional government and its programs and services.


2014 Jack Young Civic Award 




Those eligible for the Jack Young Civic Award include those who have been directly involved in or connected to Regional government in the Region of Waterloo through Regional Council, its Committees, Advisory Committees, Regional administration, programs and/or services and/or Regionally created and/or administered organizations including Waterloo Regional Police Services, Waterloo Regional Police Services Board, Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council, Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation, and Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.   This includes former elected officials who have served on Regional Council, former staff members, former volunteers and/or board members of these listed organizations. 


Currently serving Members of Council, current staff members and currently serving volunteers and board members are not eligible for the Jack Young Civic Award.




Nominations will be accepted by the Jack Young Civic Award Committee from Friday, April 11, 2014 until 4:00 p.m., Friday, September 12, 2014. The Jack Young Civic Award Committee - which is comprised of Regional Chair Ken Seiling, Regional Councillors Jane Brewer, Tom Galloway, Sean Strickland, Jim Wideman and Carl Zehr - will review the nominations and select the Award recipient.


The award recipient and their nominator will be notified by October 31, 2014.  The award will be presented at the Regional Council meeting on Wednesday, November 19, 2014.  The recipient's name will be engraved on a commemorative plaque that is on permanent display in the lobby of the Regional headquarters building at 150 Frederick Street, Kitchener Ontario.


Click here to download the 2014 Jack Young Civic Award Nomination Form.


The completed nomination form and the supporting documents - a one page biography of the nominee and, two letters of support - should be mailed, faxed or emailed to the Regional Clerk no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, September 12, 2014:


Region of Waterloo Clerk

2nd Floor, 150 Frederick Street

Kitchener Ontario

N2G 4J3

Fax:  519-575-4481

Email:  RegionalClerk@regionofwaterloo.ca


QUESTIONS?  Please contact the Regional Clerk at 519-575-4420.


Previous Jack Young Civic Award Recipients



Award Recipient


 William C. Barrie 1980
 Ernie Ritz 1982
 Frank Hoddle 1985
 Claudette Millar 1989
 John Sweeney 2003
 Fred Kent 2003
 Joe Martens 2003
 Wayne Roth 2012
 Grace Sudden 2012
 Lynne Woolstencroft 2012



About Jack Young


Jack (John) A. Young, politician and businessman; born January 17, 1919 in Toronto, died July 18, 1999 in his 80th year. 

JackYoungportrait004.jpgJack Young grew up on his uncle's farm in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. During the Great Depression he worked at a Muskoka resort in the summer and as a menswear clerk and short-order cook in the winter.

Young served in a medical corps overseas and suffered serious lung injuries during a bombing in 1943. His injuries resulted in tuberculosis. As a result, he was sent to the Freeport Sanatorium outside Kitchener to convalesce. As occupational therapy, Young was taught to make belts. In 1943, after his release from the hospital he married Belva Irene Trace.  They had two children - a son and a daughter - and settled in the community to raise their family.

In 1949 he formed Custom Leather Products Ltd. with two partners. Young bought out his partners in 1959. In 1971, he sold the company.

Young served as a school trustee and chairman of the Kitchener School Board from 1963-64. In 1966 he was elected to Kitchener City Council and served until 1969. As a member of the Progressive Conservative Party, he ran in the 1968 federal election, but was defeated by Liberal Keith Hymmen. In 1969 he was elected chairman of the Waterloo County Area Planning Board.

On June 30, 1972, Ontario Lieutenant-Governor Ross Macdonald signed the Regional Municipality of Waterloo Act into law. On July 13, Jack was chosen by the Province of Ontario as the first Regional Chairman.  He was appointed for a four and half year term - charged with establishing the new Regional Municipality of Waterloo. Jack's skilful negotiating allowed competing and disparate interests to be directed into a common purpose for the benefit of the entire Region.  He served as Regional Chairman until 1978.  After his retirement from politics, he did some consulting work.  As senior advisor on U.S. Affairs for the Ministry of Industry and Trade, he was involved in promoting Ontario business world-wide on behalf of the Provincial Government.


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