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Jane Mitchell was re-elected to Regional Council on October 25, 2010 as a Waterloo representative. She was first elected to Regional Council in November 2000 and was subsequently re-elected in 2003 and 2006. Previously, Jane served as a Trustee with the Waterloo Region District School Board from 1990 to 2000 where she chaired several committees including Employee Relations, Special Education Advisory Committee, Race Relations and Environmental Advisory Committee. She was also a member of the Finance and Management Committees and was Vice Chair of the Program Committee.

During the last term of Council, Jane served on all Standing Committees of Council and was Vice-Chair of Community Services Committee. She was also a member of Licensing & Retail Committee (previously Chair), Cycling Advisory Committee, Public Art Advisory Committee, Grand River Conservation Authority (Vice-Chair), Employment & Income Support Community Advisory Committee (Chair), Crime Prevention Council, Region of Waterloo History Museum Steering Committee, and the Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee. Jane was also active on numerous project working groups - more recently - the Green Bin Processing working group, Cycling Master Plan, Erb St. Reconstruction project team and the GRT & Mobility PLUS Business Plan project team.

At the broader municipal level, Jane served on several Standing Committees of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities namely, the Standing Committee on Community Safety and Crime Prevention, Standing Committee on Increasing Women's Participation in Municipal Government, and Standing Committee on Municipal Finance and Intergovernmental Arrangements.

Jane is self-employed and partner in Arachne Web Consulting & Design. With a Masters Degree in Library Science and Bachelor Degrees in Education and Arts, she worked as Librarian at Renison College from 1982 to 2000.

Jane is the Founder of the Waterloo Infant Toddler Daycare and a past member of the Waterloo Public Library Board. She is a member of the Girl Guides Trefoil Guild and the Canadian Federation of University Women. Jane has organized Women's Municipal Campaign Schools for the 2006 and 2010 elections, increasing the number of women on municipal councils.

Jane resides in the City of Waterloo with her husband John and has two grown children. An award winning writer, Jane enjoys writing fiction in her spare time.

For the 2010-2014 Term, Jane has been appointed by Regional Council to the following Committees, Boards and other organizations:

Standing CommitteesAdvisory Committees/Other Appointments
Administration and FinanceGrand River Conservation Authority (Chair)
Community Services (Vice-Chair)Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council
Planning & Works Employment & Income Support Community Advisory Committee (Chair)
Budget Region of Waterloo History Museum Steering Committee
Licensing & RetailActive Transportation Advisory Committee
Active Transportation Master Plan
Integrated Urban System Groundwater Study
Residual Waste Master Plan Working Group


Jane Mitchell
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Fax: 519-575-4048

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