Licensing and Hearings

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The Licensing and Hearing Committee is composed of six Regional Councillors and the Regional Chair. The main function of the Region's licensing authority is to provide consumer protection, public safety and nuisance control. This Committee exercises delegated authority form Regional Council regarding Region-wide licensing and inspections of taxis, limousines, second-hand shops, salvage yards and special transportation services and recommend licensing approvals, revocations, suspensions and policy to Regional Council. It is also responsible for enforcing regulations under certain Provincial Legislation and Regional By-laws, e.g. Smoke Free Ontario Act, Retail Business Holidays Act, Weed Act, Highway Traffic Act (Red Light Camera) and Regional By-laws for Smoking, Landfill, Garbage Collection, Election Signs, Woodland Conservation, Outdoor Water Use and Pesticides. Meetings are held at the call of the Chair.

Members: L. Armstrong, D. Craig, G. Lorentz, J. Mitchell, J. Nowak and K. Seiling

Chair: J. Mitchell

Vice Chair: G. Lorentz

Staff Contact: Tim Brubacher, Council/Committee Support Specialist, 519-575-4493