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Regional Council is the policy-forming and decision-making body of the Region of Waterloo. The first council was elected in October of 1972 for a two year term. Councillors were elected at the local level and either appointed to Regional Council or were directly elected but served both the area and upper tier municipality. Provincial legislation passed in the spring of 2000, reduced the number of councillors from 24 to 16 and mandated the direct election of councillors. This data set lists all the members of Regional Council by term from 1972 to 2018.

Data contact


Oriana Sharp, Manager, Information Management and Archives
Planning, Development and Legislative Services

Data currency 

 Current to the end of the 2014-2018 term of Regional Council.

Data accuracy


 Data set is accurate.




The following fields are included in this dataset:

Name - Name of council member
Term - Year range of council term
Position - Identifies whether the council member was chair, mayor, or member-at-large
Municipality - Municipality council member represents

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