Regional Government

Regional Government in Waterloo Region dates back to 1973. Learn about its origins, its responsibilities and its organization, both political and administrative

Here you can review the Strategic Plan and give us your thoughts


You can also meet the Regional Chair and Councillors and stay  informed about developments in the Region through news releases, agendas and minutes of Council and its committees. 

Budget information is also available.


Regional Government Responsibilities

  • All borrowing of money for capital expenditures
  • Approval of Area Municipal Official Plans and Amendments and Development Control Applications
  • Bylaw enforcement
  • Community Housing
  • Land ambulance service
  • Operation of Doon Heritage Village, Joseph Schneider Haus and McDougall Cottage
  • Overall planning and pattern of development
  • Police and emergency planning
  • Provincial Offences Court administration
  • Public health and emergency services
  • Public transit and specialized transit
  • Regional licensing, including salvage yards and second-hand shops
  • Regional roads and traffic signals
  • Rural libraries
  • Community services
  • Waste management
  • Water supply, treatment and wastewater operations
  • Waterloo Regional International Airport