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Strategic Planning

What is a Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Plan is the foundation that supports all other plans, policies and projects.  It provides focus to guide actions and future decisions.  It is a long-term planning document that directs the Region's priority setting. Read the 2015 to 2018 Strategic Plan.

Community Innovation Grant 

Waterloo Region is an innovative, collaborative and creative community that has a long history of people and organizations coming together to build community and to address pressing social needs and deal with emerging issues.

A Community Innovation Grants (CIG) Program has been established by Regional Council to harness this creative energy - to foster new collaborations and partnerships, to build on and strengthen existing ones, and to find and develop new sustainable approaches to addressing social, health, cultural, economic, environmental and other needs in Waterloo Region.

Social or community innovations may include new products, processes, services, and technology or some combination of these that provide real solutions to social problems and community needs in a manner that is more efficient, sustainable and effective than current approaches and, where the benefits go mainly to society or community as a whole rather than to private individuals.  In meeting these social needs, they are also innovations that may result in the creation of new collaborations and/or relationships that will enhance our overall capacity to act moving forward.  (Social Innovation eXchange [SIX], Stanford Social Innovation Review)

Community innovation means new ways of thinking and doing as we work together to address pressing community needs in Waterloo Region.  Successful community innovations are inclusive, they are often cross sectoral, and they have a quantifiable impact on the broader conditions - social, political and economic - that created the problem or community need initially.  (Social Innovation Generation Waterloo

CIG call for applications

For 2017, Regional Council has chosen "Healthy, Safe & Inclusive Communities" as the Strategic Focus Area for the Community Innovation Grant application intake.

Successful proposal(s) will address existing and emerging needs in Waterloo Region and will assist in achieving one or more of the five strategic objectives within this Strategic Plan Focus Area:

4.1 Support early learning and child development

4.2 Mobilize efforts to reduce poverty and the impacts it has on Waterloo Region residents

4.3 Increase the supply and range of affordable and supportive housing options

4.4 Promote and support healthy living and prevent disease and injury

4.5 Enhance community safety and crime prevention.

Maximum Grant 

The maximum amount to be allocated from the CIG Program by Regional Council in one year is $50,000.

In any year, Regional Council can decide:

  • To award the entire annual budget of $50,000 to support one eligible proposal
  • To award lesser amounts to several eligible proposals up to the maximum budget of $50,000
  • To award only a portion of the total $50,000 budget to support one or more eligible proposals, or
  • To not award any Community Innovation Grants.

Should the CIG budget not be entirely allocated in any one year, the balance would be accounted for in the Region's year-end financial position.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible organizations include not-for-profit organizations and/or organized communities of interest based within the Waterloo Region and whose primary focus is the Waterloo Region community and its citizens.

The following organizations are not eligible to apply for CIG but they may act as a sponsor for the purposes of administering the Region's funding for an eligible group that is unable to provide complete and/or audited financial statements.

  • Hospitals
  • Schools, school boards and post secondary educational institutions
  • Area municipalities and/or their agencies
  • Region of Waterloo departments and/or agencies
  • The Provincial government and/or its agencies
  • The Federal government and/or its agencies
  • Local organizations whose work, clients and/or community of interest is primarily outside Waterloo Region
  • Organizations based outside Waterloo Region
  • Organizations or agencies whose funding, goals and/or objectives are the responsibility of another level of government

 If a specific community program and/or project has received Regional funding from another program area, that program and/or /project would not be eligible for a Community Innovation Grant. Each project funded under CIG should be unique.

The Region will not accept applications for CIG funding from for-profit organizations.

The Region will not accept applications for CIG funding for:

  • General operations
  • Ongoing operating funding
  • Major capital initiatives
  • Religious proselytizing

How to Apply

To apply for a 2017 Region of Waterloo Community Innovation Grant, please complete the Application Form and return it by email or hand-deliver it by 4 p.m., Friday October 27, 2017 to:

 Region of Waterloo Finance Department

CIG Application 2017

4th Floor, 150 Frederick Street

Kitchener Ontario N2G 4J3

By submitting your application, you accept the terms and conditions of the CIG application process.


1. CIG grant proposals will be reviewed by a staff group which will make recommendations on the CIG allocation(s) to Administration and Finance Committee for final approval by Regional Council.

2. The composition of the CIG proposal review group will be determined  annually based on the Strategic Plan Focus Area selected by Regional Council.

You will receive notification by mail of the Region's decision.

The Region of Waterloo does not provide comment or feedback about any grant application evaluations and/or funding decisions.