2007-2010 Strategic Plan

Follow this link to view the 2007 - 2010 Strategic Plan in PDF.

Focus Areas

The focus areas are the highest priority themes which require new and/or ongoing organizational emphasis and resources to achieve the identified long-term goals or aspirations. In order to achieve the vision of an inclusive, thriving and sustainable community, six focus areas have been developed for the 2007 - 2010 term of Council.

Focus Area 1: Environmental Sustainability
Protect and Enhance the Environment

Focus Area 2: Growth Management
Manage and shape growth to ensure a liveable, healthy, thriving and sustainable Waterloo Region.

Focus Area 3: Healthy and Safe Communities
Support safe and caring communities that enhance all aspects of health.

Focus Area 4: Human Services
Promote quality of life and create opportunities for residents to develop to their full potential.

Focus Area 5: Infrastructure
Provide high quality infrastructure and asset management to meet current needs and future growth.

Focus Area 6: Service Excellence
Foster a culture of citizen/customer service that is responsive to community needs.

Priorities and future directions were identified based on significant public and staff consultation and considerable Council discussion over the past 8 months. Council grouped the priorities into 6 Focus Areas with numerous supporting Strategic Objectives. As shown in the graphic, the six Focus Areas are highly interconnected and therefore the success of one Focus Area will be dependent on the progress of another.The Region's vision will only be successful with the integration of these Focus Areas and the related Strategic Objectives.

Within each of these six Focus Areas there are over 95 associated actions that will move us towards addressing the identified priorities. It is important to note that the actions documented in each of these Focus Areas are not a full list of everything the Region does. Rather these actions identify new or ongoing initiatives that the organization needs to focus on and give resources to in order to ensure it is responding to the priorities. The priorities identified by the community are summarized in each of the Focus Areas.