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Current Results

These are unofficial results.

Official results will be posted once all the information has been confirmed by the Area Municipalities  - Tuesday, October 28, 2014.  Please refresh your screen for up-to-date results.

 If you have questions  please contact the Deputy Clerk, at 519-575-4410.


 Use the following links for results for: City of Cambridge, City of Kitchener, City of Waterloo, Township of North Dumfries, Township of Wellesley, Township of Wilmot and the Township of Woolwich.


 Regional Chair Vote % of Vote
 Jay Aissa2561123.68%
 Oscar (Oz) Cole-Arnal21561.99%
 Moira-Sharon Magee48734.51%
 Robert F. Milligan47174.36%
 Paul A. Myles29932.77%
 Ken Seiling6388459.06%
 John (Johann) Wolf39283.63%

# of polls reporting: 273 of 273


 Regional Councillor - City of Cambridge

(2 to be elected)

Votes  % of Vote
 Jane Brewer437712.19%
 Kurt Ditner28427.92%
 John Florence640117.83%
 Helen Jowett855423.82%
 Karl Kiefer1232834.33%
 Ron Koenderink14043.91%

 # of polls reporting: 60 of 60


 Regional Councillor - City of Kitchener

(4 to be elected)

Votes  % of Vote
 Greg Burns83166.54% 
 Elizabeth Clarke1656213.03% 
 Cameron Dearlove1442611.35%
 Tom Galloway2483119.53%
 Geoff Lorentz1697813.35%
 Karen Redman2857122.47%
 Wayne Wettlaufer1744513.72%

# of polls reporting:  79 of 79


 Regional Councillor  - City of Waterloo

(2 to be elected)

 Votes% of Vote 
 Ed Korschewitz29647.14%
 Jane Mitchell837420.18%
 Bob Oberholtzer21335.14%
 Karen Scian785118.92%
 Sean Strickland1213829.26%
 Andrew Telegdi802919.35%

# of polls reporting: 59 of 59

Voter Turnout


 Name of MunicipalityNumber of ElectorsNumber of Ballots CountedVoter Turn out 
 Cambridge 85,649 25,402 29.66%
 Kitchener 147,292 45,167 30.66%
 Waterloo 71,667 25,750 35.93%
 North Dumfries 7,663 3,034 39.59%
 Wellesley 7,698 2,292 29.77%
 Wilmot 15,095 6,115 40.51%
 Woolwich 17,978 6,722 37.39%
 Total 353,042 114,482 32.43%

Updated: October 29, 2014