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Progress Updates

Communication will be a key factor in the success of the Strategic Plan implementation. The Corporate Strategic Plan will be shared with community members and staff, area municipalities, community partners and other organizations. Communication will be an ongoing effort, and our plan and our progress will be shared on a regular basis.

In order to effectively communicate the plan to a wide range of audiences, a number of vehicles and methods to involve and inform residents have been created. In an effort to support environmental sustainability, we will minimize paper-based communication and maximize electronic communication of the plan and its progress. Annual reports will be developed to ensure Regional Council, citizens, community partners and employees are aware of our progress.

Over the next four years, it will be important to be conscious of new challenges and emerging issues. The Region will need to be flexible in order to respond to these changing directions and demands. Accordingly, the Strategic Plan will be reviewed approximately half way through the term of Council (in late 2016). This will provide the opportunity to refine any of the objectives and/or add or delete priority actions in order to respond to any significant changes in circumstances.

Strategic Plan progress

Visit to see progress made during the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan.

2011-2014 Strategic Plan Final Progress Report

The Region's 2011-2014 Strategic Plan provided a framework that guided priority-setting and decision-making for Regional Council and staff.  These reports provide highlights of the significant work completed in the five strategic focus areas during the 2011-2014 term of Regional Council. 

2011-2014 Strategic Plan Final Progress Report (Accessible PDF)

2011-2014 Strategic Plan mid-term progress report (PDF)

2011-2014 Strategic Plan mid-term progress report (text-only)