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Public Input

The Region of Waterloo engages in a strategic planning process for every term of Council that identifies the most pressing priorities of the community. It also provides a focus for the organization and ensures that there is a common direction over the next four years for Council and staff.

In order to ensure that the Region's Strategic Plan reflects the most pressing priorities of our community we collected community input through several methods during the time period of November 2010 - February 2011 (Phase 1) and March - July 2011 (Phase 2).

The Region's strategic planning process began in November 2010 and incorporated numerous opportunities for public and staff input, including:

  • Community meetings. 
  • Statistically reliable telephone survey with 1,160 community residents. 
  • Online and paper survey. 
  • Involvement of advisory committees of Council. 
  • More than 25 focus groups with diverse participants.

The consultation provided input on the following key elements:

  • Quality of life in Waterloo Region. 
  • Issues related to the progress on the 2007-2010 Strategic Plan, including: Management of growth; Management of the environment; Transportation; Social issues and well-being; Trust and confidence in Regional government.
  • Region of Waterloo program and service quality; 
  • Drivers of satisfaction with Regional service delivery; 
  • Priorities for improvement; 
  • Improving diversity and inclusion in Region of Waterloo services and programs; 
  • Improving communication and engagement with the public.

Summary reports from Phase 1 are found below:


Quantitative Method

Qualitative Methods

If you would like to provide comments, questions or require an alternative format on the above reports contact staff below.

Lorie Fioze, Manager of Strategic Planning
150 Frederick St.
Kitchener, ON N2G 4J3
Phone: (519) 575-4758
Fax: (519) 575-4440
TTY: (519) 575-4610

Many thanks in advance for your consideration and contributions.

Background Documents

Please use the links below to provide background information for the 2007-2010 strategic planning process. 

Waterloo Region Profile

In order to effectively plan for the future we need to review a broad range of information on issues and trends that are likely to impact the community and this organization over the short, medium and long term. This document is one piece of information that will help generate conversation as we begin to identify priorities for our future. This profile is designed to provide background information on significant statistics, forecasts and trends, which begin to paint a picture of the emerging opportunities and challenges for the community and the organization as we being to plan for future priorities.

This background information is intended to help inform discussions and decisions about future strategic objectives and actions.

Waterloo Region Profile Full Report

Executive summary

Region of Waterloo's Role in the Community

The Region of Waterloo was officially established on January 1st 1973. Since then services have evolved considerably, touching the lives of every citizen. The Region is responsible for approximately 60% of municipal government services in this community and provides a range of services including; public health, social services, region-wide planning, heritage, rural libraries, major transportation routes, water supply, sewage treatment, solid waste disposal, recycling, ambulance service, the airport, the Provincial Offences Courts, public transit, public housing and emergency planning. Directly and indirectly the Region is also involved with community partners in economic development, community safety and crime prevention, heritage preservation, funding for the arts and hospital capital financing.

The Regional programs and services are described in more detail throughout this document.

Follow this link to for the full report.