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Much has changed and much has been achieved by the Region of Waterloo since the development of the 2011-2014 Strategic Plan. To remain focused and relevant, the Region is developing a new Strategic Plan for the 2015-2018 term of Council.   The Strategic Plan provides focus and clarity to guide actions and future decisions for the Region of Waterloo. 

Your input is important:

Community members and partner organizations play an important role in helping to identify where to focus the Region's resources on the most pressing priorities of the community.  To collect this input, the Region has launched an extensive consultation process that provides multiple opportunities to get involved, share ideas and provide input.

There are two phases to the engagement and consultation process, branded "Strat Chat" for the Region's strategic planning process. 

Phase 1


Phase 1 is broad-based, and focuses on gathering information on high-level priorities from the public and Regional staff. Phase 1 public consultation background document  


Phase 2

Phase 2 will delve deeper and validate and/or refine the themes generated in Phase 1, and help identify more specific actions in order to achieve the high-level priorities identified in the previous phase. Phase 2 public consultation background document.

The Region implemented both quantitative and qualitative methods in order to obtain a balance of in-depth and quantifiable information.  The methods to gather public input include:

Quantitative Method

  • A statistically reliable, random telephone survey with 1,200 residents.  This survey was conducted by Environics Research Group.

Qualitative Methods

  • Focus groups with a variety of stakeholders from across the region.
  • Feedback and ideas collected through an online discussion forum.
  • Community forums.
  • On-line and paper surveys.

Taken together, the results from the public input process provide the Region with a detailed picture of community sentiment, priorities and ideas, which will be used in the development of strategic initiatives that are informed and aligned with the insights, views and opinions of the community.

Join a conversation that matters!

Here is how you can get involved:

Strat Chat - Online Discussion Forum

Join the on-line forum "Strat Chat" and add to the variety of conversations happening with citizens on priorities for the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. The site can be accessed at:

Online Surveys

Comment on the Region's strategic focus area objectives for 2015-2018

There are five focus areas that have been identified by Council. Online surveys have been set up by each of these focus areas in order for citizens to provide feedback specific to that focus area. Should you wish a paper copy of any of the focus areas surveys please contact staff below. A summary page of all five focus areas has been provided for you. All of the Focus area Objectives are availalbe in one document for convenience.

  1. Thriving Economy - Survey - focus area strategic objectives
    (Download the focus area objectives in PDF)
  2. Sustainable Transportation - Survey - focus area strategic objectives.

    (Download the focus area objectives in PDF)

  3. Environment and Sustainable Growth- Survey - focus area strategic objectives.
    (Download the focus area objectives in PDF)

  4. Healthy, Safe and Inclusive Communities - Survey- focus area strategic objectives. (Download the focus area objectives in PFD)

  5. Responsive and Engaging Government Services - Survey - focus area strategic objectives. (Download the focus area objectives in PDF)

One of the goals in the previous strategic plan is to 'Improve the accessibility of Regional programs and services to support our diverse community," as well as to provide services by a diverse and inclusive workforce. The following survey seeks feedback on how well we are doing in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Stay tuned for future opportunities to contribute!

Phase 1 public input results:

The public provided a wealth of information which will inform the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan priorities, departmental strategic plans, as well as other key Region of Waterloo initiatives such as the Service Review, the diversity and inclusion strategy, service strategy and communication improvements.  It is important to note that the findings from both quantitative and qualitative methods are fairly consistent overall and both provide useful information for various aspects of the planning process.

Quantitative Method - Telephone Survey

A statistically reliable public survey was conducted from January 24 to February 10, 2015, to inform the development of strategic priorities as well as the Service Review process.  Environics Research Group was hired through an RFP process to conduct a telephone survey with a representative sample of 1,200 residents.  To see the survey results click here

Qualitative Methods - Focus Groups and community forums (Phase 1)

Focus groups and community forums were held with a variety of stakeholders and groups  between February and April 30, 2015.  Efforts were made to host sessions and recruit participants from diverse groups in the community as they relate to the trends, issues and forecasts for our community.  For example, because our population is aging and growing more ethnically diverse, specific efforts was made to engage seniors and ethnic populations from across the region.  Also, in order to ensure that the Region heard from all members of the community, focus groups were held with people who may not typically participate without targeted outreach; focus groups were held with people who have experienced homelessness, people living with disabilities, people living on a low income and with newcomers to Canada.

These qualitative methods were also used to allow for in-depth discussions, and provided the opportunity to explore priorities that were identified in the statistically reliable telephone survey.  For example, the environment was identified as a priority in the telephone survey and therefore focus groups with environmental groups were held in order to gather more information on this important area of focus. Issues that were identified in the telephone survey as needing improvement were explored with focus groups in order to identify solutions to for improvement this area.  For example, engagement with the public was identified as an area needing improvement and so questions on how to engage the community, as well as questions on communication preferences were asked to help develop a better engagement strategy.

To see the summary of the phase 1 consultation click here

(A detailed report of will be available before the end of June 2015). 


Background Information:

Doug Norris (Chief Demographer at Environics Analytics)  - the shifts in our community's population and the potential implications for policies, programs and services.

Mike Murray (Chief Administrative Officer with the Region of Waterloo)

Phase 1 public consultation background document (January - April) for the 2015-2018 Strategic planning process. This document will change as the community consultation for the strategic planning process evolves. For information on what programs and services the provides, watch this engaging video.

Phase 2 public consultation backround document (May - June).

Read about the Region's role in the community

Questions or comments can be directed to Lorie Fioze at:

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