Regional Official Plan

The Regional Official Plan (ROP) contains the planning policies needed to direct growth and change in Waterloo Region over the next 20 years. Through the ROP, the Region will continue its tradition of innovative planning and growth management.

Key elements of the Regional Official Plan are:

  • A fixed border between rural and urban areas;
  • Directing growth to make better use of land within the built up areas of the Region;
  • Increasing transportation choice, including the creation of a rapid transit system;
  • Protecting our drinking water and significant environmental areas; and
  • Increasing the quality of life of citizens in Waterloo Region.

About the ROP

The ROP was developed over four years in consultation with community groups, area municipalities and agencies, and the general public. It is a legal document, required by the Provincial Planning Act, that combines the broad policy and regulatory framework established by the Province of Ontario with the community planning goals, objectives and policies developed by the Region and the seven area municipalities to ensure Waterloo Region is a sustainable and livable community. All future land-use development, transportation and infrastructure within Waterloo Region must conform to the policies, goals and objectives of the ROP.

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The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing issued a Notice of Decision to approve the ROP, with modifications, on December 22, 2010. Several parties subsequently appealed the Ministry's decision to the Ontario Municipal Board for adjudication.

The Ontario Municipal Board issued an Oral Decision to approve the ROP, in part, with further modifications, on June 18, 2015 . The Board confirmed its decision through a follow-up Memorandum of Oral Decision and Order by the Board dated July 14, 2015. As a result, the new ROP came into effect on June 18, 2015.