Together for a Safer Community

Neighbourhoods play a key role in making our communities safer, friendlier and more livable.  When people get to know their neighbours, they feel empowered and engaged, and they are more likely to take responsibility for the well-being of their neighbourhood.


A connected community is a safer community.

We also know that neighbourhoods can be faced with many challenges that may contribute to crime and fear of crime.  To address these challenges and enhance public safety and security, municipalities and neighbourhoods must develop strategies to:

  • Reduce the opportunity for crime to occur
  • Develop programs to help the groups most at risk
  • Improve the quality of life in neighbourhoods
  • Provide public spaces that encourage interaction
  • Engage youth in meaningful activities

(Adapted from "The Key to Safer Municipalities" ,2005)


Visit the Crime Prevention Council's website to learn more about neighbourhoods.