Emergency Management 

The Region of Waterloo has plans and partnerships in place to ensure a coordinated response to emergencies and disasters in the Region.

Planning a response for every type of emergency and disaster

Emergencies, by their nature, or magnitude require a coordinated response by a number of organizations, both governmental and private, under the direction of the appropriate elected and senior municipal officials.

The Region's Emergency Management Office (EMO) is responsible for developing, putting in place, and maintaining the Regional Emergency Response Plan (ERP). This plan describes how the Region responds to emergencies. The plan describes the roles and responsibilities of Regional employees and our partners, including fire departments, police, and community agencies.

Ensuring people displaced by an emergency get what they need

The EMO is also responsible for the Emergency Social Services (ESS) Program.  ESS supports the essential needs of people displaced by an emergency including food, clothing, lodging, and other support.  The Region works with municipalities and many agencies and organizations to provide these services when needed.

Preparing your family for an emergency or disaster

Please visit to learn more about the programs, plans, and how to prepare yourself and your family for emergencies or disasters.