Violence Prevention

Imagine a community where vulnerability and violence do not exist, where people live in affordable housing, have access to a variety of support services and are meaningfully employed.

Violence Prevention Plan

Violence Prevention PlanIn 2006, Regional Council asked the Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council to commission a study on how to prevent violence in Waterloo Region.

The resulting Violence Prevention Plan presents a straightforward, compelling objective: to create a safe, secure environment for all residents of Waterloo Region.

Violence Prevention Plan Goals:

  • Assist during childhood. The right start provides the foundation for a better future.
  • Address addiction issues. Increase services for problematic substance use.
  • Support new Canadians. Welcoming communities reduce isolation and social exclusion.
  • Reduce income inequality. Everyone has the right to equal opportunities.
  • Enhance neighbourhood capacity. Every community has the potential to bring about change.
  • Ensure social support services exist. Address the underlying issues that impact violence.

Click here to read the Violence Prevention Plan summary.

To learn more, visit the Crime Prevention Council website.