New clean economy cluster map launched for Waterloo Region

Posted on Wednesday March 23, 2022

Photo of logos for consortium members

Region of Waterloo – At a public panel this afternoon, a consortium including Sustainable Waterloo Region, the Region of Waterloo, WR Community Energy and Waterloo EDC officially launched the Clean Economy Cluster Map.

Aligning with a dual commitment by the broader community and the Region of Waterloo, the Map (enclosed) is comprised of over 125 companies, research institutes and community organizations based in Waterloo Region that are leading in clean innovation, from buildings to transportation, to energy, agriculture, waste and more.

The shared vision for 2050, outlined in ClimateActionWR’s strategy, TransformWR, has been endorsed by all local Councils, and outlines the path for Waterloo Region becoming an equitable, prosperous, resilient low-carbon community. The integration of equity, economic prosperity, and transformational climate action is essential to this vision – they are inherently interdependent and none are achievable without the others. This interconnectedness is a key feature of the Clean Economy Cluster Map.

Capturing the Region’s clean economy network through this map also acts as the first step and the foundation on which to continue to grow the sector. In addition to identifying strengths and opportunities, it also sheds light on how and where the community can jointly focus, partner and grow. This interconnected approach to building a clean economy signals more broadly that, from the education sector to all forms of industry, Waterloo Region is ready and willing to use our roots in innovation to collectively champion transformative climate action.

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For more information, please contact:

Lynsey Slupeiks
Manager, Corporate Communications, Region of Waterloo


"We are so excited to have been part of this dynamic team that worked in collaboration to feature the clean economy cluster members in our Region. Our region has been a leader in innovation in many sectors, and the Clean Economy is definitely an area of strength. This map is the expression of Waterloo Region's innovation and leadership in building a clean economy and SWR is honoured to be a supporter in the development of this sector locally." - Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) 

“The bench-strength of the companies and organizations currently leading our clean economy have laid the foundation for the sector to continue to grow and flourish here in our region. It’s important and transformative work. It’s another example of how Waterloo Region continues to set the standard for other communities.” – Karen Redman, Chair, Region of Waterloo

"WR Community Energy is a partnership between municipalities and utilities to manage the energy transition in Waterloo Region. The organizations on the Clean Economy Cluster Map will play a vital role in shaping this transition. These are the technologies and solutions that will determine how and how fast we move forward." - Matthew Day, Community Energy Program Manager, WR Community Energy.

"Climate change is a problem that faces companies and communities alike. Our community is exceptionally good at solving problems, and our companies are already engaged in solving the biggest problems in energy storage, clean manufacturing and more. For any business with a passion for clean tech innovation, or any individual who genuinely wants to make a difference in the fight against climate change, the Clean Economy Cluster Map makes it clear that you’ll be joining a truly exceptional group of companies here in Waterloo Region." – Tony LaMantia, President & CEO, Waterloo EDC

About the collaborators of the map

Sustainable Waterloo Region is an environmental non-profit organization that fosters collaborations that enable local organizations to convert their sustainability interest into action. These organizations participate in our programs to achieve environmental and economic benefits. By building networks, setting a common direction for results, and publicly reporting on progress, we are working to maximize both the individual and collective successes of organizations in Waterloo Region.

The Region of Waterloo is working toward becoming an inclusive, thriving and sustainable region of connected rural and urban communities with global reach, fostering opportunities for current and future generations.

WR Community Energy is a collaborative initiative between the Region of Waterloo, its urban municipalities and local utilities created to manage Waterloo Region’s Community Energy Investment Strategy and to support energy transition in our community.  Learn more at 

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