Community Environmental Fund supports 18 new projects

Posted on Thursday April 22, 2021

Waterloo Region – RegionalCouncil has approved $149,992 in funding for 18 projects under the Community Environmental Fund (CEF) grant program this year.

Applicants receiving funding include 15 community organizations and three schools, with projects ranging from Kids Cutting Carbon and community gardens, to reusable takeout containers. (The full list of recipients and projects is included below).

The Community Environmental Fund (CEF) was established by Regional Council in October 2011 and provides financial support to a wide variety of environmental stewardship and sustainability projects that: provide a positive and lasting environmental return; engage citizens and encourage collaboration; seek innovative solutions and/or increase knowledge; and produce measurable and achievable outcomes.

“We are thrilled to see so many people working together on innovative projects that will help us reach our goal of 80 per cent emission reduction by 2050 as well as make our community more environmentally sustainable,” said Karen Redman, Regional Chair. “The Community Environmental Fund enables citizens to make a lasting impact on their surroundings.”

From 2010 to 2021, the Region has provided grants totalling nearly $1.8 million to over 220 environmental stewardship and sustainability projects. It’s estimated the Region’s funding support was multiplied more than three-fold through matching and in-kind support, for a total community investment of nearly $6 million.

Additional details on the fund are available at


Project Title

Regional Funding

Kids Cutting Carbon – Reep Green Solutions 


Reusable Takeout Container Service Pilot for Waterloo Region – Ekko


Azheshkaa Neyaab Food Sovereignty Garden


Hespeler Masjid Solar Energy System


Water Quality Monitoring at Paradise Lake


Country Hills Community Gardens


Developing Educational Material and Activities with Schools in Waterloo Region on Air Quality Monitoring and Science – WLU


Access to Healthy Local Food - Littlefoot Grows a Shoe Size


Fencing and signage for sustainability of ComeUnity Roots Garden


Bees, Trees and a Grand View – A To Thrive Together Sustainable Living Project


New User Perceptions of the Stewardship of Greenspaces in Waterloo Region - UW


Our Farm Trail – KW Habilitation


Engaging Low-Income Residents in Climate Action -Social Development Centre of Waterloo Region


Assessing contaminant removal in Stormwater Management Ponds


Bee Region public awareness pollinator garden signs for home gardens


Ecological Restoration Project at The Working Centre Market Garden


Forestry and Botanical Work on the Branchton Village Land Trust Forest


Transforming a Defunct Ball Diamond into a Naturalized Learning Space - Sheppard PS




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