Workplace Count 2024 aims to reach every employer in Waterloo Region

Posted on Friday May 24, 2024

Waterloo Region – The Region of Waterloo, in collaboration with Area Municipalities and the Waterloo Economic Development Corporation (WaterlooEDC), is pleased to launch the 2024 Workplace Count. This region-wide survey of local businesses, conducted every two to three years, serves as a vital tool in shaping the region's economic future and supporting the business community.

The Workplace Count will run May through August 2024, to gather essential data from diverse workplaces spanning cities, rural areas, and employment hubs across Waterloo Region. The information shared by local business community is not available through census data or other surveys and provides an overview of various sectors and employment patterns, and essential insights into the region's economic landscape.

The gathered insights play an important role in developing strategies and supports to meet the needs of local business owners.

The Workplace Count project operates under the guidance of a Municipal Advisory Group, comprising representatives from area municipal community planning and economic development departments, alongside the WaterlooEDC and the Region's Office of Economic Development.

Survey findings will be presented at Regional Council in fall 2024.




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