Region of Waterloo BEEcomes first Bee Region in Canada

Posted on Wednesday March 11, 2020

Waterloo Region - The Region was officially designated a ‘Bee Region’ tonight by Bee City Canada who approved the Region’s application and commitment to protect pollinators.

Waterloo Region will now take steps to protect pollinators by creating habitats and educating communities about the importance of pollination. Examples include learning about pollinator gardens, beneficial insects and climate change.

“We couldn’t BEE more excited about this designation,” said Karen Redman, Regional Chair. “It supports our environment and climate action goals, as well as allows all seven local municipalities to work together as the first Bee Region to promote healthy habitats for bees.”

Bees and other pollinators around the globe have experienced dramatic declines due to: land fragmentation; habitat loss; use of pesticides; industrialized agriculture; climate change; and, the spread of pests and diseases. This has serious implications for future plant life and the environment. “This is why we celebrate this tremendous commitment to protect pollinators with an official declaration,” said Shelly Candel, Director, Bee City Canada.

To celebrate the declaration, Regional Council was presented with a Bee House from Clara Lachman of Wilfrid Laurier University’s social enterprise PolliNation, whose goal is to raise awareness of the pollinator crisis. The group sells bee kits to help rebuild Southern Ontario’s native bee population. Profits go to elementary school education programs.

BEEcoming a Bee Region means maintaining initiatives already in place and further engaging local communities, through creativity and innovation, to promote a healthier life in our municipalities.

By accepting this designation the Region of Waterloo commits to the standards of the Bee City Canada Program.  



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Bryan Stortz, Communication Director, Region of Waterloo: 519-575-4408 or

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