Region of Waterloo receives grant to help end chronic homelessness by 2025

Posted on Tuesday March 20, 2018

Waterloo Region – The Region of Waterloo has received $3.27 million dollars over three years from the Province to help end chronic homelessness by the year 2025.

This funding will help triage people experiencing chronic homelessness so that they get help faster. These people tend to be more vulnerable. They often have a disabling condition(s), such as chronic illness or substance use problems, and need support to stay housed.

"Right now, access to support and rent assistance for this population is first come, first served,” said Deb Schlichter, Housing Services Director. “This funding will ensure we reach those with the greatest need. We want to help them move into housing as quickly as possible with the support they need to keep their home." 

The new approach will see people who have not had housing for at least six months in the past year more easily get through the steps needed to access housing and support. Two new teams of workers will help along the way. The first team will help people find the right housing and support for themselves.

The second team is trained to offer service for youth, single adults, families, and First Nations/Metis/Inuit Peoples to help them recover from homelessness and connect to services they need to stay housed. Tenants in the private market who are helped by these teams will access new subsidies to help them afford their rent.

With this new approach there will be one central waiting list for housing support (right now there are several) managed by a lead agency. Lutherwood was recently selected as the lead through a public procurement process.

The grant is part of the Province’s new Home For Good funding. This funding aims to help up to 6,000 Ontarians find and keep a home. The Working Centre also received a portion of the grant to provide 24/7 support to tenants living in new Region-funded supportive housing in Kitchener.


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