Region will not appeal court decision

Posted on Thursday February 23, 2023

Waterloo Region – The Region of Waterloo will not pursue an appeal to Justice Valente’s decision from January 27, 2023, and will continue to focus on supporting those experiencing homelessness in the community.

Helping to end chronic homelessness while accelerating new affordable housing units are key priorities for the Region of Waterloo.

On Wednesday, Regional Council approved a $163 million investment in housing and homelessness, which will advance the Interim Housing Strategy and lead to increased shelter capacity.

The Interim Housing Strategy is an important part of the Region’s plan to help end chronic homelessness, with the opening of the first outdoor shelter at Region-owned property on Erbs Road as an important step forward. When this shelter opens, it will provide a greater range of accessible options for individuals experiencing homelessness.

The Region of Waterloo values its work with organizations and partners throughout the community to help support people experiencing homelessness and connect them with social, community, and housing services to meet their needs.




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