Making decisions that matter for October 12, 2022

Posted on Wednesday October 12, 2022

With input from the community, Regional Council sets the direction for the Region as an organization and makes decisions that help improve the lives of Waterloo Region residents every day. Please refer to the minutes for an official record of the meeting. 

Council approves new roundabout to improve safety and reduce delays

Regional Council approved a new roundabout at Fischer-Hallman Road and New Dundee Road in Kitchener and North Dumfries to improve safety and reduce delays for drivers. The roundabout will significantly lower high-speed collisions, improve traffic flow, and reduce speeds in the area. Roundabouts also have lower maintenance and electricity costs when compared to a traffic signal. The roundabout will accommodate all vehicles, including large trucks and agricultural equipment. Construction is planned for 2024.

Council accepts report from Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group

Regional Council has accepted a report from the Anti-Racism Advisory Working Group (ARAWG) that includes recommendations aimed at addressing systemic racism and other forms of oppression in Waterloo Region.

ARAWG is approaching the end of its first term, and these recommendations will be considered by the next Regional Council. Previous recommendations adopted and acted on by Regional Council include hiring a Regional Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as a Director of Reconciliation. This internal capacity and expertise will be critical for future work as the Region and the community continue on this important journey towards addressing systemic racism and oppression.

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