Update: Notice of Pesticide Use

Posted on Friday April 26, 2024

This public notice was updated on June 17, 2024.

Waterloo Region: Please be advised of the application of larvicide to the following locations for the control of West Nile Virus Vectors:

  • Catch basins
  • Sewage lagoons
  • Ditches and standing water

Between June 1, 2024 and August 31, 2024, municipalities within the Region of Waterloo will be conducting a larviciding program under the authority of the Region of Waterloo Medical Officer of Health to prevent the development of mosquito larvae into vectors of West Nile Virus. Altosid Pellets (PCP #21809, pellet), Altosid Granules (Methoprene, PCP #22676) or VectoLex WSP (PCP #28009, pouch) will be placed by hand into catch basins of storm drains within the Region. The larvicide VectoLex CG (PCP #28008, granular), may be applied to sewage lagoons, if larvae are present. The larvicides VectoBac 1200L (PCP #21062, liquid) or VectoBac 200G (PCP #18158, granular) may be applied to standing water throughout the Region, if larvae are present. All larvicide will be applied by licensed applicators or trained technicians employed by Pestalto Environmental Health Services following Ministry of the Environment Conservation and Parks guidelines.

For additional details on exact locations and dates of treatments, please call Region of Waterloo Public Health, Health Protection and Investigation at 519-575-4400 or Pestalto Environmental Health Services Inc. at 519-362-5185. For information about West Nile: www.regionofwaterloo.ca/fightthebite


General Inquiriespublichealth@regionofwaterloo.ca or 519-575-4400 

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