Uptown King Street bike lanes are now open

Posted on Tuesday July 10, 2018
This image shows the protected intersection with the bike lane crossing marked in green running alongside the pedestrian cross-walk.

Waterloo - The much-anticipated segregated bike lanes on King Street in Uptown Waterloo are now complete and ready for use by the public. These new bike lanes have been marked with cycling symbols and no parking signs have been installed along the corridor. For the safety of our cycling community, residents are reminded not to park on these new cycling lanes. The City of Waterloo will be enforcing the no-parking bylaw along the new streetscape now that the bike lanes are complete and open for cycling.

While the bike lanes are open and ready for use, work will continue on the cycling crossings at the intersections and are scheduled to be completed in August when the final layer of road paving is placed. Green paint will be used to identify these cycling crossings to motorists and will further define the bike lanes when complete. These new cycling crossings are based on a relatively new design treatment called a ‘protected intersection’ and will be the first in the Waterloo Region and the Province.

The benefits of the protected intersection design at King and Erb include:

  • shorter crossing distances for cyclists and pedestrians;
  • continued separation for cyclists (versus having to merge back into traffic);
  • safer refuge for cyclists to wait at the signals for the lights to change;
  • off-set crossing locations which provide more time for motorists turning to react and stop when a cyclist/ pedestrian is crossing the street (similar to the crosswalk design at University and King);
  • more visibility for cyclists/pedestrians as the refuge area is further ahead from vehicles stopped at the light (motorists can look to their side as opposed to over their shoulder); and;
  • a meandering approach for cyclists entering the intersection which encourages cyclists to slow down before crossing the street.




 For more information about this project, please contact:

 Regional Project Manager:

Eric Saunderson, P.Eng. PMP
Design and Construction
Transportation and Environmental Services
Region of Waterloo


Media contacts:

Bryan Stortz, Director of Corporate Communications
Region of Waterloo

Janice Works, City of Waterloo






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