Local municipalities, conservation authority partnering to develop Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan

Posted on Thursday August 20, 2020

Waterloo Region – The Region, all local municipalities and the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) are partnering together and working with the local Indigenous communities on a collaborative approach to create an Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan.

The plan, while complementary to other anti-racism work currently underway, will include recommended actions to address distinct needs arising from historic harm and systemic barriers still faced by Indigenous Peoples in Waterloo Region.

Today, the Region of Waterloo launched a public procurement process, on behalf of its municipal and GRCA partners, which seeks independent Indigenous consulting expertise to facilitate an engagement process and work with a soon-to-be-formed Indigenous advisory group. The Indigenous advisory group will guide the efforts to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action from a local perspective and, through broad engagement with the local Indigenous community, to help develop a Reconciliation Action Plan.

Collectively, municipal partners and the GRCA recognize our responsibility to learn more and to do more to address the systemic issues and barriers for Indigenous Peoples that are inherent in municipal processes, services and programs.

Together we believe it is the time to build stronger relationships and mutual trust and respect with the Indigenous community as we work together to create a path forward. All partners have a role to play in helping to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action to end the systemic barriers and improve service to Indigenous Peoples.




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