Conservation Incentives

Learn how we are working with our partners to offer supportive incentives.  If we can help you conserve a bit of our community, we all benefit.

Waterloo Region Heritage Foundation

The Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation funding program is the primary cultural heritage conservation financial support tool in the region. Owners of properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, protected by a conservation easement agreement or a Historic Site designation, can receive grants for the restoration of their heritage property.

REEP Green Solutions

REEP will service eligible Union Gas customers who chose to participate in the Home Reno Rebate program. To participate in the program, a customer must own a single, detached residential property built in 1994 or earlier in Waterloo Region. Eligible individuals can participate on a first come, first serve basis, and receive a maximum rebate of $2,500 for energy efficient home renovations.


City of Kitchener 

Conservation grants are available to owners of properties in Kitchener that are designated under Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. Eligible projects may receive a grant to cover half the costs of projects, with a minimum cost of $500 and maximum of $3,000.

A tax refund program is available owners of property designated under the Ontario Heritage Act (individually under Part IV or within a conservation district under Part V), or a property subject to a conservation easement agreement with the City of Kitchener or the Ontario Heritage Trust, or a maintenance agreement with the City.

The City of Kitchener biannually presents up to four awards to individuals, property owners, businesses, organizations and institutions that have contributed to the conservation of the city's cultural heritage resources.


City of Cambridge

The Heritage Grant Program is available to owners of property in Cambridge designated under Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. Applications to the program are reviewed by the City's Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee (MHAC).

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