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Cannabis is a drug that can affect your mind and body. It is important to know about the health effects, the legal issues and ways to lower health and other risks, if you choose to use it. The physical and mental effects of cannabis vary depending on how much cannabis is used, how it is used, and what type of cannabis is used.

Cannabis rules and regulations

  • Ontario cannabis legislation came into effect on October 17, 2018. The legislation sets a minimum age of 19 to use, buy, possess and grow cannabis in Ontario. 
  • As per the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, cannabis users are permitted to smoke cannabis outdoors in places where cigarette smoking and e-cigarettes are allowed, unless additional organizational restrictions apply. 
  • As of October 17, 2019 under the Cannabis Act, production and sales of cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals will be legal. Cannabis can be consumed in different ways (inhalation and ingestion) and carries different health and safety risks.

If you decide to use cannabis or related products, learn how to use it responsibly and reduce risks for yourself and others:

  • Cannabis affects everyone differently. Make sure you understand the health effects of cannabis
  • Ensure cannabis and cannabis related products are safely stored and away from children, youth and pets. Use out of sight of children, particularly when using edible forms of cannabis and be aware of how to prevent unintended cannabis poisoning.
  • Exercise caution when eating or drinking products containing 2.5 mg to 10 mg of THC. It is best to minimize risks by choosing products that are 2.5 mg or less. Know your limits and learn more about THC
  • Don't drive impaired. Learn more about the effects of cannabis impaired driving

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