COVID-19 Treatments

Most people with mild COVID-19 symptoms will recover on their own at home without a need for prescription medications. If you are caring for someone who has COVID-19, please visit how to care for someone with COVID-19 for more information. 

For many higher-risk individuals, antiviral medication is now available to help reduce possible severe outcomes from COVID-19. Visit Ontario’s COVID-19 antiviral treatment page and use the screening tool to learn if you meet provincial eligibility. If you are eligible for antiviral treatment, have a plan in place for COVID-19 assessment and accessing a prescription if necessary. 

Not everyone who meets the provincial criteria will need antiviral treatment. For those whose health care team determines antiviral medication would be beneficial, treatment must begin within five days of symptom onset, and you must have a positive COVID-19 test to receive a prescription.

 Eligibility and assessment

Where to fill antiviral prescriptions

Over 70 pharmacies in Waterloo Region can fill prescriptions for COVID-19 antiviral medication. Visit Ontario’s COVID-19 antiviral treatment page to access the full list of pharmacies.


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