Vaccine Reporting

Every time your child gets a vaccine from their health care provider, you need to notify Public Health. Your health care provider does not report these records for you.

The Immunization of School Pupils Act requires that Public Health maintain the immunization/vaccine records of all students in all grades at private, public and Catholic schools in Waterloo Region. See the School and Child Care Vaccination page for more information.

Reporting vaccinations

You will need:

  • A copy of your child's vaccination record from their health care provider. You will be asked to upload a photo of the record to ensure accurate reporting.
  • Your child’s Ontario health card number (if applicable).

Note: Public Health does not maintain vaccination records for individuals 18 years of age and older.

Report your child's vaccinations

Watch the video below for instructions on how to report your child's vaccinations. 

View your vaccination record

Immunization Connect Ontario (ICON)
Vaccination records that have been reported to Public Health can be viewed online through Immunization Connect Ontario (ICON)

Any elementary vaccination records submitted through ICON will not be reviewed until April 2. Please book an in-person appointment to resolve the suspension.

  • You will need your child’s Ontario Health Card (OHIP) number.
  • Due to privacy law, parents/guardians cannot access records for a child who is 16 years of age or older.

Public Health vaccination record request form

 Frequently asked questions

Why can't I access my child's records online using ICON?

If you are not able to access ICON it may be because:

  • You do not have a valid Ontario Health Card or Ontario Immunization ID for your child
  • Your child’s health card is not on file with Public Health
  • The postal code entered does not match the postal code registered on your child’s health card with Service Ontario
  • You are trying to report or access records for a child who is 16 years or older

If you are still not able to access ICON, please complete the online vaccine record request form.

I do not have a copy of my child’s vaccination record. What are my options? 

If your child had vaccines in the past, contact your current or past health care providers and request a copy of their vaccination record.

If you moved from another city, you may be able to contact your previous health unit to obtain the records that they have on file.

If your family doctor has retired, Contact the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons or call 416-967-2603.

If you do not have any records of your child's vaccinations, it is recommended that your child complete a catch-up schedule. Re-vaccination is not harmful and highly recommended. This will ensure that your child is adequately protected against vaccine preventable diseases.

For more information on the recommended schedule and catch up schedules, please visit the Routine Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule.

Why are my child’s records not automatically submitted to Public Health from my doctor or school? 

Under the Immunization of School Pupil’s Act, parent(s)/legal guardian(s) are responsible for updating Public Health every time their child receives a vaccine.

Your child's health care provider and school are not mandated to report your child's vaccinations to Public Health. In some cases, your health care provider may tell you that your child's vaccinations are up to date. However, the information may not have been reported to Public Health. It is recommended that you obtain a copy of the record and submit it to Public Health every time your child receives vaccinations. 

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