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Support and Services

For more information on pregnancy, please visit our Healthy Pregnancy page. 

Healthy Babies Healthy Children

Healthy Babies Healthy Children is a free, voluntary program for pregnant women and families with young children up to the child’s transition to school.

If you are eligible you may receive home visits from a Public Health Nurse and Family Visitor. The home visits will help you learn about:

  • Having a healthy pregnancy and birth
  • Connecting with your baby
  • How children grow and develop
  • Being a parent
  • Breastfeeding, food and healthy eating
  • Taking care of yourself and your family
  • Other services available to you and your child in the community

If you are interested in the Healthy Babies Healthy Children program call 519-575-4400 and ask to make a referral to the program.



Supports and Services

You can speak to a public health nurse for breastfeeding support by calling 519-575-4400

Call Health Connect Ontario at 811 (TTY: 1-866-797-0007) for 24/7 breastfeeding support by registered nurses and lactation experts.

For more information on breastfeeding, please visit our Breastfeeding page.

Healthy Eating


  • Nutri-eSTEP is an online tool to help you check if your child (18 months to five years) is a healthy eater. It asks about your child's eating habits, growth, and physical activity level.
Supports and Services

For more information on healthy eating, please visit our Healthy Eating and Children page.

Child Development

Looksee Checklist

The Looksee Checklist is an easy-to-use checklist that can be used to track your child's development. Call Region of Waterloo at 519-575-4400 if you have any questions or register online for your checklist.

For what to expect about your child's development, refer to Caring For Kids.

Child Development Supports and Services

Family Compass WR - Your first step to finding community-based services and supports for parents, youth and children in Waterloo Region.

For more information on Growth and Development, please visit our Growth and Development page.

As a parent, you are your child's first teacher. Interacting with your child in a positive way during everyday activities helps to strengthen your relationship with your child.

You can speak to a public health nurse for parenting advice and support by calling 519-575-4400 on weekdays.

For more information on Parenting, please visit our Positive Parenting page.

Mental Health
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