Sunnyside Supportive Housing

Sunnyside Supportive Housing is an apartment building in Kitchener for older adults who need a small amount of help to live on their own. 

Visitors are permitted into Supportive Housing but must complete the screening questions, wear a mask while in the building and only visit within the tenant apartment.

COVID-19 updates

Sunnyside Supportive Housing is not currently experiencing and outbreaks related to COVID-19.

Waterloo Region residents are strongly advised to continue practicing public health measures and get vaccinated to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Please be assured that staff are taking all measures to maintain the health and safety of tenants, residents and staff across the Sunnyside Campus. We will continue to provide updated information as soon as it is available.

If you have questions about this information, please call 519- 893-8494 extension 6247.

 Preventative Measures to stop the spread of COVID-19

The following preventative measures are in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in Sunnyside Supportive Housing. Additional precautions may be implemented if an outbreak is declared by Waterloo Region Public Health.

 Enhanced active screening
  • All staff and visitors are actively screened when they enter the building and when they leave. If symptomatic, they cannot enter will self-isolate immediately at home.
  • All tenants will be actively screened for symptoms at the beginning and the end of the day. If symptomatic, they will be isolated and tested.
  • All delivery people will be actively screened and deliveries will come to a designated area. If the delivery person does not pass screening, they will be denied entry and the delivery will be left outside the building.
 Isolation and testing
  • Tenants or staff who become symptomatic will immediately be isolated and tested for COVID-19.
  • If a tenant tests positive for COVID-19, they will be isolated from other tenants.
  • For staff who test positive for COVID-19, contact is traced back to prevent spread, and they will not be permitted to return to work until approved by Public Health.
  • New tenants will self-isolate for fourteen days.
  • Staff who have contact with tenants who are self-isolating will continue to wear personal protective equipment.
  • All staff are tested for COVID-19 weekly.
 Additional Safety Precautions
  •  Staff are required to wear a surgical mask inside Sunnyside Supportive Housing
  • Visitors are required to wear a mask at all times when inside the building.
  • Tenants must wear a mask at all times outside of their apartment.
  • Staff will continue to wear personal protective equipment as directed by the Ministry of Health appropriate to their role, duties, and contact with others. This includes a mask, face shield, goggles, gloves and gown.
  • Sunnyside Supportive Housing will continue to maintain a sufficient supply of this equipment.
  • Sunnyside Supported Housing staff are not permitted to work in any other congregate or healthcare setting to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. 
  • Staff and tenants continue to practice physical distancing and stringent hand hygiene.
  • Measures are in place  to support physical distance in common areas.
  • Recreation programs are being offered to small groups to support physical distancing.
  • Tenants who live in Sunnyside Supportive Housing remain in their program area and do not travel to Sunnyside Home long-term care, the day program or the Sunnyside Wellness Centre.
  • Our team works closely with Waterloo Region Public Health to ensure the highest standards of infection prevention and control and maintains an onsite infection prevention and control specialist. 

New tenants

Ensuring the health and safety of everyone who lives in Sunnyside Supportive Housing requires that we take preventative measures for new tenants moving in to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In spite of the measures taken below, the Sunnyside Supportive Housing team will do its very best to get to know you, make you comfortable and help you pass the time. We look forward to continuing your care, introducing you to new neighbours, and providing you with opportunities to socialize safely where possible.

  • All new tenants will need to be tested for COVID-19 upon admission if the tenant is not double vaccinated
  • New tenants will be actively screened upon arrival. Sunnyside staff will meet new tenants and their family member at the main entrance to welcome them into our care and complete the required paperwork.

Service Changes on the Sunnyside Campus

Hair Salon Reflections Beauty and Barber Shop is closed to community clients until further notice.

Volunteer Services. Only volunteer services that are deemed essential will be employed, examples of this might include comfort care volunteers for end of life support.

Care Conferences. In-person care conferences with people from outside of Sunnyside Home are on hold unless it is deemed essential. In these circumstances, these conferences will be done by phone or video call whenever possible.

Fabulous Finds Gift Shop. The Fabulous Finds Gift Shop is closed to community clients until further notice.

Sunnyside Wellness Centre The Sunnyside Wellness Centre is open for physiotherapy services and foot care by appointment only. All services other services have been suspended. This will remain until further notice. For foot care services clients must be prepared to show proof of double vaccination or may not be able to access the service.

Convalescent Care and Respite Convalescent care and respite are not accepting new admissions at this time.

Community Alzheimer Programs All day programs and overnight stay are open and operating at a lower capacity/ Additional safety measures in place. All clients are required to be double vaccinated to access service and support.

Young Onset Dementia Association The Young Onset Dementia Association (YODA) is open and operating at a reduced capacity, and all clients are required to be double vaccinated to access the service and support.

Living in Sunnyside Supportive Housing

Sunnyside Supportive Housing is in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener and has 30 one and two-bedroom units. It is located on Sunnyside Campus, with amenities and services like the Sunnyside Wellness Centre just a few steps away.

Supportive housing offers housing for low-income older adults, with supports and services to help them to continue to live independently.

How to apply 

You will need to apply to live in Sunnyside Supportive Housing in two parts:

  1. Call the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network (WWLHIN) at 519-310-2222. They will determine if you are eligible for the supports offered in Sunnyside Supportive Housing.
  2. If you are eligible for supports, you will then apply to Waterloo Region Housing for a rent subsidy.

Services may include:

  • Personal care
  • Housekeeping
  • Medication reminders
  • Security checks
  • Preparing light meals
  • Hot lunches
  • Social activities
  • Sunnyside Wellness Centre fitness memberships

To find out more about the services offered, call 519-893-8494, extension 6247.


Virtual tour 

See what Sunnyside Supportive Housing has to offer in this quick video tour
Who is eligible

You may qualify to live in Supportive Housing if you:

  • Have a valid health card
  • Are at least 60 years old, or 55 if you are receiving services for mental health
  • Qualify for rent subsidy (see costs below)
  • Need help with personal care, laundry, meal preparation, medication reminders, housekeeping or need 24-hour on-site support to be available
Sunnyside Supportive Housing is a rent-subsidized program. To be eligible to live in Supportive Housing, you will need to apply with Waterloo Region Housing to have your rent lowered. If you qualify, the rent you pay would be up to 30 per cent of what you earn per month. Services like cable, telephone and the emergency pendant system are extra. 


Protecting your privacy: We respect your right to confidential care. Please see our Information Practices Statement for details.


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