Youth Advisory Committee

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Help Create a Better, More Equitable, Safer and Healthier Community – Youth Advisory Group

Are you interested in building a better future? Do you care about the wellbeing of your friends, family and neighbours? Are you passionate about a more inclusive world, and working to eliminate racism, inequality, poverty and more?

Then we want you, your passion and your skills to shape our future in the Region of Waterloo!

The Region of Waterloo is looking for young people (ages 14 – 25) to join a Youth Advisory Group to help develop the Community Safety and Wellbeing Plan. This plan will help to create actions that government and groups across the Region will take to make change! As part of the Youth Advisory Group, you get the chance to present ideas to Regional Staff, Regional Council, and the community as a whole.

 What will you be doing?

  • Attending 1-2 meetings a month, over 4 month from September to December 2021
  • Meetings are about 2 hours long, and you’ll need to do some extra work in between the meetings (about 6-10 hrs/month)
  • Work with other Youth Advisory Group members, Regional staff, and connect with youth across the region to develop ideas and strategies to create chance in our community
  • Create a presentation and/or report about recommendations created by the group (this can be creative: a video, PowerPoint, poem, music or more – there is room for all types of communication)
  • When you’re done, chat with Regional staff about how it went, and how youth can stay involved

 How will it happen?

  • We’ll be following public health best practices to meet; which means it’ll be virtual for now.
  • If you need extra support to participate, let us know! This could mean bus tickets if we have in person meetings, ensuring virtual meeting spaces have closed captions, etc. We are happy to do what we can to support you physically, socially, mentally or emotionally, so that you can be part of the group.

 The extras!

  • Participants will be compensated with a stipend $100/per meeting for this work as a thank you for your time and expertise!

 How to join! The application:

  • Send a short paragraph or video about what your vision for a better Region of Waterloo looks like. For example:
    • What’s working well?
    • What would you change? Who would lead this change?
    • What does your perfect community look like? Who lives there? How does everyone get along? How does everyone feel?
    • Think about things like: housing, transportation, the environment, racism, sexism, safety, homophobia
  • Send this paragraph along with your name and current school/grade (if applicable) to Suzie Taka with the Subject Line: Youth Advisory Committee
  • We’ll be selecting 8 youth to join the Advisory Group. Selected participants will be contacted for a brief one on one chat to ask questions and chat more about the group.
  • Deadline to apply is: September 3, 2021



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