Annual Collision Report

The Annual Collision Report is an overview of factors associated with traffic collisions on Regional roads including signalized intersections.

Human behaviour, vehicles and environmental conditions are all contributing factors in collisions, and the cause of a particular collision is not always easy to identify. Use caution when drawing conclusions from the statistics.

Executive Summary
This includes statistics on the number, type, location, day of week, month and time of collisions.

2018 Executive Summary 

Collision ranking
This report shows where the highest number of collisions occur. Previous years' rankings are included in the complete Annual Collision Reports.
Top 100 locations
Where are the worst spots for collisions in the Region? In this list, the worst location is ranked as Number 1; the second worst is Number 2, and so on.
Top 20 pedestrian locations
 The 2018 Top 20 Pedestrian Locations list ranks the top 20 most dangerous spots for pedestrians in the Region. 
Top 20 cyclist locations
 The 2018 Top 20 Cyclist Locations list ranks the top 20 most dangerous spots for cyclists in the Region. 
Annual Collision Reports

To report a collision go to Waterloo Regional Police Services Collision Reporting.

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