Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a unique opportunity for individuals and families to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables that are an important part of a healthy diet. 

Visit the Community Garden Council of Waterloo Region for more information.

The community gardens in Waterloo Region are part of the Waterloo Region Community Gardening Network. The Network is composed of garden organizers, gardeners and representatives from community agencies that promote healthy and inclusive communities.

Benefits of joining a community garden

Community gardens offer many benefits to gardeners and the community. They contribute to:

  • More inclusive neighbourhoods by providing a chance for people to meet and work together
  • Healthier diets due to eating locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Physical and mental health: gardening is part of a healthy lifestyle and outdoor physical activity can help relieve stress
  • Easy access to affordable food
  • Food skill development through sharing ideas from various cultures
  • Enhanced environmental awareness; people learn that growing food locally means less use of fossil fuels compared to importing food

Community school gardens

The Ministry of Education sees school gardens as a tool for promoting well-being. Gardens increase students' knowledge of healthy food, promote practical outdoor education and engagement in school, and support academic success. Learn more about Gardens for Healthy Schools from a recent scan of school gardens in Waterloo Region. Also, for tips on how to start up a new garden, check the School Food Gardens Start-up Guide.

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