How to dispose of pet waste

Managing pet waste properly and responsibly reduces odour and litter issues, and can divert garbage from our one-and-only landfill. Here are four ways to dispose of pet waste:

1. Green bin it

If you receive our curbside green bin service, add wrapped pet waste to your green bin. Pet waste that is accepted includes animal droppings, kitty litter, wood shavings and other natural bedding, newspaper cage liners, feathers, and fur.

For the health and safety of collection crews, wrap all pet waste before placing it in the green bin. You can use certified compostable bags, or paper:

  • Certified compostable bags have at least one of the following logos:

 US certified compostable logoCanadian certified compostable logo 

  • If you are wrapping pet waste in paper, you could use newspaper, paper toweling, or paper bags.
  • Place the bagged pet waste inside your green bin.

Remember when you are cleaning your yard (especially in the spring after the winter thaw), please don't overfill your green bin. Maximum weight for each green bin is 23 kilograms (50 pounds). 

2. Flush it

Animal droppings can be flushed down the toilet. The Region’s wastewater treatment system is designed to treat this kind of waste.

However, do not flush:

3. Bury it in your backyard

Animal droppings can be buried in your backyard using a digester. Digesters are available at local stores and work similar to composters. However please:

  • Check with your local municipality on any by-law restrictions. For example, there may be rules on how close you can locate your digester to your neighbour's property.
  • Mix in layers of wood chips, sawdust or dried plant material to help reduce moisture and odours.
Within two years, the waste should be fully digested and the material may be spread on the lawn and gardens as a soil amendment, but the material should not be spread on or near vegetable gardens.

4. Double bag it and put it in the garbage

Small amounts of animal droppings can be double-bagged in plastic bags, put in the garbage, and set out on your regular garbage collection day. For the health and safety of collection crews, please prepare it properly. Collection crews will leave behind improperly prepared garbage.

Keep our neighbourhoods and parks clean and odour-free

When you are walking your pet, please do not put pet waste in neighbourhood garbage bins. This creates odours and fills up our landfill. Instead, bring along some certified compostable pet waste bags. Collect droppings in these bags and simply drop them in your green bin when you get home.

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