How to handle medical waste

There are different disposal options for the various kinds of medical waste:

  1. All non-hazardous home health care waste, including rapid antigen screening test kits for COVID:  Double bag - put it in a bag, and then put that bag inside of a garbage bag. Securely tie shut all bags.
    • The Medical Exemption program:  If you are regularly over the garbage limit because someone in your household has a medical condition that results in waste that can't be recycled (such as incontinence products, or unrecyclable medical packaging), you may be eligible for our Medical Exemption program. Once approved, you will receive 30 free garbage tags. These tags are regular garbage tags to protect your privacy.
      • If you are new to the program, complete the application form, attach a note from your medical professional, and attach proof of residency. Follow the mailing instructions provided on the form. 
      • If you are renewing your medical exemption, please email us or call our call centre at 519-575-4400.
  2. Syringes and medicines: Go to the Health Products Stewardship Association website. Type in your postal code to find a pharmacy near you that takes back these items. Place syringes in an approved syringe disposal container which you can get free from your local pharmacy. All unused and expired medicines can be dropped off. 
  3. Pathological/biomedical waste as classified by the Province's guideline C-4: The Management of Biomedical Waste in Ontario or any successor legislation is not accepted in any of our programs and must be handled as required by the legislation.

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