Public Access Defibrillator

Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) Program has placed 436 automatic external defibrillators (AED's) within public facilities, schools and workplaces overseen by paramedic services. The program provides CPR training to each registered site as well as maintenance and replacement of batteries and defibrillator pads.

Importance of AEDs

AEDs have the ability to save a life. If an AED is immediately applied to a victim of cardiac arrest the likelihood of survival is high. Making the PADs program a part of your community promotes healthy lifestyle choices and supports community initiatives.

To borrow an AED for short term use, complete the AED Loaner Application Form. Someone will contact you within 12 to 48 hours to confirm availability and pick-up instructions.

To place a permanent AED in your facility, contact 519-575-4400 ext. 8711or email 

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