Agencies and Boards

The Regional Chair and Regional Councillors are appointed to sit on the boards or executive committees for each of the following boards, agencies and foundations as representatives of the Region of Waterloo.

Grand River Conservation Authority

The Grand River Conservation Authority is established under the Conservation Authorities Act. It is a public corporation in partnership with member municipalities and the Province. It has jurisdiction over flood control and water management throughout the Grand River watershed, including programs related to water management, such as parks and recreation, and development review.


Chief Administrative Officer: Joe Farwell

Box 729, 400 Clyde Road
Cambridge, ON  N1R 5W6 
T: 519-621-2761

Grand River Hospital Board of Trustees

Grand River Hospital Board of Trustees

Regional Council representative: Jim Erb

835 King Street W 
Kitchener, ON  N2G 2M7
T: 519-742-3611

Region of Waterloo Arts Fund

Created in 2002 by Regional Council, the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund provides arms-length grants to performing, visual and literary organizations and individual artists in the Region of Waterloo. 

For a complete list of Arts Fund Board members visit

Staff contact: Reanne Kassar, Legislative Services Specialist

c/o Regional Clerk
150 Frederick Street, 2nd Floor
Kitchener, ON  N2G 4J3

St. Mary's Hospital Board of Trustees

St. Mary's Hospital Board of Trustees

Regional Council representative: Vacant

Regional Council representative: Michael Harris

911 Queen's Boulevard
Kitchener, ON  N2M 1B2
T: 519-744-3311

University of Waterloo Board of Governors

University of Waterloo Board of Governors

Regional Council representative: Karen Redman

University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue W
Waterloo, ON  N2L 3G1
T: 519-888-4567 ext. 32749

Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation

The Waterloo Region Economic Development Corporation, founded in 2016, delivers economic development services to the Region of Waterloo. It is an independent non-profit corporation governed by a board of directors. The board includes municipal representatives and other public sectors, but mainly represents business. The Corporation is responsible for communication and accountability to public and private sectors. 

Objectives include:

  • Preparing an economic development strategy
  • External marketing of the region
  • Resolving barriers to economic development
  • Research and developing partnerships among Municipal Economic Development Offices, Federal and Provincial governments, Chambers of Commerce, education institutions, businesses and affiliates

President and CEO: Tony LaMantia

260 King Street W, Suite 201

Kitchener, ON  N2G 1B6
T: 519-747-2541

Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation

The Waterloo Regional Heritage Foundation is a funding and supporting umbrella organization for local heritage groups. It assists in preserving the Region's heritage culture, historic buildings and objects of historical significance.  

Chair: John Glass

Staff contact: Julie Hale, Legislative Services Specialist

c/o Regional Clerk
2nd Floor, 150 Frederick Street
Kitchener, ON  N2G 4J3
T: 519-575-4732

Waterloo Regional Police Service Board

The Waterloo Regional Police Service Board administers the Waterloo Regional Police Force. Members include the Regional Chair, two members of Regional Council, one citizen appointed by Regional Council and three members appointed by the Province of Ontario. Its budget is the responsibility of Regional Council and met through the Regional levy. The mandate of the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board is to preserve law and order and protect lives and property. 

Chair: Karen Redman

200 Maple Grove Road 
Cambridge, ON  N3H 5M1
T: 519-653-7700 or 519-650-8500 

Wilfrid Laurier University Board of Governors

Wilfrid Laurier University Board of Governors

Regional Council representative: Karen Redman

Wilfrid Laurier University
75 University Avenue W
Waterloo, ON  N2L 3C5
T: 519-884-1970

Appointments to Agencies and Boards

Please see the Advisory Committee/Special Purpose Body Applications page for updates on current openings.

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